Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tuesday: when the week starts for me

yes, i start my week on Tuesday because this is when my first tutorial is..
and i feel like i've had enough fun lately,
means: i need to get myself to start working on something more serious, seriously~

oh yeah, detox starts tomorrow, so later i will do some fruit shoppings,
and some proper dinner for tonight,
keeping my mind happy before tomorrow,
then what else?

hm, i need to get rid of this world cup theme asap,
its just so not happening anymore,
start browsing start browsing..

then, hopefully i can get home in time for "Home and Away"
a TV series that i randomly watched before,
and now am kind of addicted to it..
not that am saying this is a good series,
but its just so easy to understand,
not too much thinking for such an entertainment,
*which exactly what i expect for a mind refreshment*

note for the day:
be positive,
and gentle


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