Saturday, September 19, 2009

Show me yours

Well, two weeks ago was my 21st birthday.. I've decided not to celebrate it as a big thing but just having small fun day with my close friends at the day.
My mom knew it and decided to give me some more extra money to spend for it.. Have try to explain to her how many times that money is not the matter.. But what can I say..
So, ok I am havign small dinner tonite.. At lazy moe, Oakleigh..

Now, since I have no plan at all regarding the dinner, so I do not actually prepare any outfit at all..
Im running out of time and I still want to look different, so I try different things and decided to use a boogy pants outfit.. (which suppose to make me look short, isn't it, im only 155 tall and I should say i am not that type of super skinny girl as well..)
But, let me just build my confidence..

Here Im giving you my looklet look which kind of inspired me a bit.. haha...

and this is my real pic.. not so inspired by the looklet actually haha

Thursday, September 10, 2009

maria vs maria maria

I hate it!
My name is Maria. I comes from Indonesia and I am an indo-chinese. I don't however have a Chinese name... and my daddy doesn't feels like giving me one either.
My daddy changed his Chinese name to Indonesian name as the government required so long time ago. And since he married, he was officially allowed to choose his own indo family name. But he didn't want to.
So, ends up.. my name is Maria. and that is it. No last name.

I moved to Australia and struggled with Monash system which does not accept the fact that I do not have a last name... and actually, most of the system in Australia doesn't either.
So.... I got a last name. Maria, yes it is. My name is now Maria Maria, as Australian system accept.

Now, I am about to graduate and I am offered to change my name from Maria Maria (to be printed on my academic result and certificate) to Maria, only.
Should I change it again?


Monday, September 7, 2009

my 21st bday

urgh i am old! i am 21st now..
people says this is the time when u should start thinking about life, as in "serious long term life"
and i don't like the idea, at all....

well, let me tell you funny thing about my 21st bday first.. it is on September 5th, 2009..
and yeah.. guess what? suddenly there just hell too many events happening on the week..
worst one, or should i say, best one maybe.. haha im too confuse about it now, should i be happy or not.. is on Friday, on the 4th.. i got other friend's 21st bday party held on the city from 9pm till late.. since i know this is important to her and him (yes, two of them.. Windu and Anthony), i decided to come anyway.. and OFCOURSE planning to leave early around 11.30 just before my day formally start... but as expected, they did not allowing me to go until just 12o'clock.. funny isnt it? i just dont want to still their party.. but what can i do?

then.. the next day, which is Saturday (funny my 21st is actually on Sat, kind of luv it) i've already appointed to help one of the indonesian event as a make-up helper.. and it's at 12.. i came late, and get there shocked as everyone were done and i dont see in anyway they need any more help.. so i quickly get to my friend, *thx to dearest Josephine, and helped her with the hair things.. not many things happening, just meet some friends and having heaps of bday wishes..

right after i finish, i get some lunch and cafe-ing things with some other friends in MaxB.. this was my first cake.. if i can call it a cake.. haha..
then.. i went back to chaddy and play some bowling with my best friends ever.. not to mention my lovely BF too, Erick.. so here we are, me, Erick, Cia, Tom, Van and Dimz..
followed by indo dinner in Garamerica and get back home.. BUT.. not to my home weirdly..
silly me did not recognize about it at all..
right when the time says 11.55 i got my most beautiful cake ever in my life....
haha u must be jealous... the cake is just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too beautiful to describe..
have a close look at my cake.. luv it luv it luv it.....

taken from
thx u to all of u....

instead of "urgh i am old! i am 21st now.."
maybe i should have said... "yay!! im 21st, im happy, im crazily in luv and im ready for it..!"

thx u again dearest friends... =)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Abstract art

This is so cool that i want to share it here straight away...
Really talented.. You got to watch it from first till beginning.. Can not imagine how surprise those people that were actually there... Luv it!

Another one to updata...
it is one of the contestant of ukraina got talent.. i am not too sure but i guess the whole picture she created was all about ukraina's journey.. war and everything...

Looklet.. FUN!

After a while.. I found this site.. I saw it before from one of my friend FB page but haven't got the chance to actually play around and see what it is actually about at that time..
Now, whohooo.. Very similar to polyvore.. a lot more easier (or is it just for me maybe?) and fun.. They got models wearing the outfit chosen.. But it still looks a lil bit fake for me.. Looklet is still on its beta version anyway.. so i don't mind.. i know it will get better.. =)

see they even put the description of each item being used in the set at the top right corner..
We can change the background and the model, but not so many options available atm..
be PATIENT! ahhaha