Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gratitude in Life

Today i feel extremely good..
everything i see is fun and happiness,
and i feel the gratitude in life..

no particular reason,
i surprisingly woke up quite late this morning,
it was 8am (yes, im such a grannie now, 8am is considered late already for me)
and as agreed before, me and BF has decided to go swimming..
Things to be grateful for: i have such a wonderful BF who is supportive enough to keep me healthy and manage to help my diet program

but i just cant get my head off the pillow..
i did not want to swim just yet..
i wanted to cook some brekky.. =D

so i managed to get my BF to wait for a while,
let him browse around Youtube from his iphone,
this is enough to keep him distracted, haha
(i really think that Youtube change his life a lot, in a good way~)
Things to be grateful for: everyone is happy -
me: happy cooking ; him: happy browsing

while im cooking some pancake, yay...

i bought a lot of groceries few days ago,
up to $35 i guess,
including pancake powder and marple syrup,
and i got to pay nothing..
i used the gift card i had from helping in the Monash Open Day around last week
Things to be grateful for: happily shopping without having to pay one single cent of it

then, after making up to 14stacks of pancakes,
i leave around 6 for my housemate and her BF,
and ate the rest for me and my BF..
Things to be grateful for: i luv sharing happiness, and i hope my housemate likes the pancake =)

hit the gym (correction: swimming),
chit chat and last,
sauna time
Things to be grateful for: nothing beats the feeling of being healthy together with your loved ones

then we went to city,
hanging around,
visit the State Library for the first time for almost 4years leaving in Australia,
Things to be grateful for: got the chance to actually witness the beauty of such an old and heritage building
went to church,
met old friends,
had dinner,
and now off to bed really soon
Things to be grateful for: i can sleep with a smile hanging on my face for this awesome week

gratitude in life..

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