Friday, March 30, 2012

What's the difference between..

Envy and Jealousy
Alone and Lonely
Happy and Content
Determined and Ambitious
Pleased and Satisfied
Disappointed and Dissatified
Cheerless and Miserable
Worship and Love
Love and Lust
To live and Be alive

..what is?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moonlight Cinema

Things that you can't do back in Indo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

So many things to do, so little time..

Sometimes i feel like how are those people feeling happy with what they have already..
cause there are so many things to do in this world, and we got so little time..

life is not always just about work and money
there's this thing called family friends
or holiday sports
and hobbies..

i dont get the way they are all thinking..~
or am i too naive?
living young, and wild and free

My new - Breville Fountain Juicer

I bought a new gear for my new kitchen in my new home..
Whoala.. my new Breville Fountain Juicer.. bought on special from Myer couple of weeks ago..

Its funny how i used to insist to not buy new blender here in Australia, cause its so expensive.. and how i insist that its a lot more worth it to actually buy it in Indo and bring it back here, regardless how heavy it is.. and i end up with this plastic, (cause i was complaining about how heavy the glass blender was), cheap looking blender from Indo.. and I hate it so much.. that i stop using it after couple of times only..
yar.. thats how long the sentence has to be, to explain it all..

this is huge... when i decided to buy it.. it reminds me of how i used to do my liquid detox.. and since i was lazy to shive my juice (using my old blender), i sort of cheat on my detox plan, with a bit of solid from the fruits when making my juice..

with this new juicer.. hell yea.. i will do my liquid detox again..
not sure when, but this time i wont need to pay $6 just for pineaple lemon juice..
instead ill prbly end up with 3 glasses of juice with $6..
ah.. excited..

first trial from 2 weeks ago..
pineaple orange lemon juice.. and i intentionally leave the froth in..
(you have the option to not include the froth when pouring it to your glass)

and some more for next time~

and i bake at the same time..
just for the sake of baking..
quick mix choco brownie with almond.. =)

HOT "sweet-chili" Plant

There's this florist near where I work, that I basically pass everytime on the way to work.. Not sure which one the owner is, was it the Chinese or the Cambodian lady, but regardless, they're quite good with their business.. Well at least IMO..

But why would i be interested anw, am not such a big fans of flower.. I'd rather buy a fake flower that will looks nice through out the year without screaming asking for watering, sun lighting, pruning, etc etc.. I've decided to leave this to my Mom and my sister for the family.. =)

Until I pass them one day, looking at this so colourful, interesting and definitely attractive hot chili plant.. The whole pot only costs me $15, but am not sure if those are for asthetic purpose only or was the chili is actually eatable.. We went in to ask the lady, and they told us that it was -unfortunately, ofc- not a hot chili.. She even asked us to try and eat it first before we buy it.. Well, I didnt really eat spicy, so Gian tried it after and he said.. it smells spicy, but it taste sweet...

Either way, am still happy with it.. I found it "HAWT"..
and Im gonna keep it here, home..
Hopefully I wont kill it, but the lady from the shop told me that all it needs is a bit of sun and a bit of watering every 3 days..
I think I can cope with that.. so lets see if i can keep it for a long while.. here at HOME.. =)