Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cause it takes TWO to TANGLE

Understanding the causes of conflict in your relationship is the beginning towards resolving the problems between you and your partner.
..cause it takes two to tangle
so theres no such thing as absolute blaming in any kind of relationship

when bf gf decided to break up,
its not whose fault
but more like whats causes it

ofc its easier said than done,
but doesnt mean its not true
and definitely is not rubbish talk

i once heard,
being in a relationship is like building bird nest,
u keep coming back building it slowly,
but doesnt mean u need to stay and go no where else

keep your eyes open,
listen to your heart,
and feel the love in the air

no more dwelling over the past for me
people can talk
people can judge
but I got to dECIDE how I fEEL
and what I should or should not DO
or how I got to BEHAVE
(not like people know better how i suppose to behave anw)

bye bye you bunch of hypocrite


Si Iglesias

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Elephant

Elephant in the jungle
..dont annoy
wont annoy

..dont disturb
wont disturb

Thursday, October 6, 2011

..and here we goes

When i first decided to start this blog,
i have no idea that it will bug me this much,
that i feel like i owe them for every single stories in my life..

Thing is, i have never had this much stories in my life for these past 2 months..
So many things happened, so many close friends to update, and this blog is one of em'

lets see where i can start..

what about, i finally got my hair cut..
BOY-ish one!
*check list*

and my tattoo
"libertad - freedom"

no more, ME & Erick
its just ME..
(yes, we break up)

seems like i got my hay fever back already

am going back to indo at the end of the year instead of nov
meaning am not going to attend erick's sis wedding as well
(like it or not, i cant refund or xchange my previous ticket, so there u go, $580 for nothing)

i joined gym, and no its not the woman gym next door from my office nymore
i went to another gym, bigger 1, more exciting :)

am thinking about change of "nuance" in my life..
work, apartment, everythin on it..
plan less, do more..
do what I want..
be my own pleaser..

owh, and unless any1 missed this, RIP Steve Jobs