Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lorem Ipsum - Filler Text

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,
sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Ut enim ad minim veniam,
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velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.
Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident,
sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Ever notice this text?
This is called the Lorem Ipsum..
if you checked on Wikipedia, it basically tells you that Lorem Ipsum is "filler text" that people usually used in presenting a text layout or document visual presentation. The idea is to put something - filler text - thats totally random so that the reader do not being distracted by the content of the text itself.. instead just focusing on the layout..
Isn't it cool?

I just realised about this "filler text" Lorem Ipsum lately..
In fact, this website here gives a lil more insight.. it says that Lorem Ipsum has been the standard "dummy" text from around 1500's.. and again, its been used world widely..
It also says that Lorem Ipsum is not a complete random text, but.. how many of you knows the meaning of this text? Unless ur Italian, ofcourse..
Give me wonder, were Italian used the same filler text when they're developing a website or any other kind of task involving visual presentation..

PS. Oh yay, I just did a phone interview, and they asked me to come for a face to face interview tomorrow.. Wish me luck..

aS Promised

Hopefully more coming soon..
So far i got a 4.5star out of 5 as a response of my hair cut..
I love it, they love it, my BF love it, my parents?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(another) Parent Visit

In less than a week time, my parent will come for a week visit..
"cleaning in progress, please.."

im hating the fact that cleaning here is so hard,
the first day i try to clean everything..
wipe out the dust..
do some floor sweeping..
and the next day, its all there again..

the fact that i got my hair cut kind of helping though..
no more hairs in the floor..
well i can not afford to have any more hair loss with this short hair, cant i?
but the dust.. omg....

anyway, i prepared a lil note in my mind already..
the to do list while parents are here (read:Melbourne)
plus where to eat list..
and where to shop..
what to buy..
*excited excited*

randomly, i remember this song..
my sister sang this song on her 17th bday as well..

PS. Yes, i will put my pic with short hair soon..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chop chop chop

I did it, i cut my hair already..
watch out for my new hair in action.. haha..

Well, anyway..
i haven't got the chance to take some pics..
im still not used to my new hair..
i keep on trying to tail it all together, but guess what?
its too short to make a pony tail..
good enough?
cant wait to post up some pics later on here..


Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i'm being productive

Today, i decided not to go anywhere and dedicate my whole day to do important stuff that i keep on neglacting..

first thing first, job hunting..
this is the end of the semester already.. i need to start hunting for fulltime job again.. and dont say a word about doing it early on, as i said.. am being a lazy ass lately..

second serve,
cleaning up stuff that i have not take care of properly for quite sometime..
i manage to organize everything so that now i can read it easily..

third come,
i survive the thirst of sleeping and doing nothing..
i keep myself busy and now, i feel great..
i feel incredibly good...

so, lets start a new page from now on..

Who knows whats next?

Finally everything is back into normal again,
not that im not happy with the previous two hectic weeks..
im actually feeling blue last night,
knowing that there are many things to catch up,
yet i can not do it early on, because i was busy with the "graduation family" thing..
now, im free to do whatever i want,
but i miss those busy week..
tell me about it, eh?

i haven't cut my hair,
now im thinking to cut it not so short, so that when my mom (yes they're coming real soon) come, she wont get shocked..
afterward, i can cut it shorter if i want..
what you think?

Funny story is,
i told one of my friend in Monash that I believe once i cut my hair,
i will get my fulltime job,
so, dont u think i have to stick with my first plan,
"cut it short before the month ends"

Oh yea, there's a lot happening as well about Erick's family..
i wont talk about it here,
but i feel like at first, its hard to get closer with someone who doesn't speak the same language as u are..
but overtime, i feel better and i really love his Grandma..
she's so cute, i can barely stop smiling when i recall her face..
esp when she's talking in indo and when we tease her to smile on pics..

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Might want to upload some graduation pics from Erick, Marcia and others later on..

but now.. all i can say is..

i am tired..

i need some refreshment..
before the week starts all over again..


Friday, October 15, 2010

And there comes the capture of moment

Congratz again to Amy and Peter SPENCER...
*all pics are courtesy to Billy Hui

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mrs Spencer

The magic day of the year.. a lot of people get married on this day, including a friend of mine.. and im the bridesmaid.. how exciting is that?

Everything starts in the morning, with the make up thing, hair do, nice dress (btw, her father make the dress for her, everything is custom made from Hong Kong), pretty white bridal heels (she got it from Tony Bianco) and perfect weather..
The wedding is in Flemington Race Course, and it is a very pretty venue for a wedding..
or maybe it's because of the weather? or the sweet couple? or the pretty dresses?
well, anyway, we drive from her house to the venue at 3.25, and we arrive there at 3.50.. the funny thing is, Peter (the groom) is actually working in Flemington as a supervisor and thats explain how all of the staff are really friendly.. Brenda, which apparently is the one in charge for the day, told us that we're not suppose to be there yet, we're suppose to come a little late (she said its a tradition, so the groom will get nervous), and that we need to drive around first until the time says 4.15..

So we went back at 4.15 and everyone's there,
Peter looking extremely nervous, and tense..
He shake a bit on the part where he proclaim his vows.. and Amy not looking any more relax than Peter proclaim her vows word by word making it sounds really sweet as well..
Then they got to sign the paper, take pictures pictures pictures.., do the Chinese Tea Serving ceremony (Amy explained to Peter why she need to do that and whats the meaning of the ceremony; eventhough Peter is not Chinese, he decided that he want to do the same as well - which is sweetttt), and then the bridal's party followed with the photo session..
We all come to start the dinner party at 7ish.. or maybe 6.30? followed with the speech from Wayne (one of the bestman), and John (if im not wrong, Peter's daddy)..
Then its time for the first dance, followed by the bridesmaid and bestman, families, friends.. and it gets crazy.. I can tell Peter's family love to dance A LOT..

Amy got to stop the dance for a while, and do the flowers throwing thing (and no, i dont get the bouquet).. which really exciting.. and then Peter got to do the "crazy dance" to take a gutter from Amy's thigh (this is new for me, I dont know about this tradition before, but I like it..) and throw it to the single guys hoping to get a partner in life..
and everything concludes with the cake cutting, and everyone got to own the floor.. (guess who keep on dancing? Peter's mom!)

So, congratulations to you both..
I can see you two as a couple for a life time..
and keep on bringing the best from each other's out..
Happy to be part of your wedding Mrs Spencer =)

Very Fun Weekend

There's quite a lot going on last weekend.. and i must say i enjoy it a lot..
It's all started because last Friday was the 8th (and no matter what the month is, it means celebration)..
So, since me and Erick were both busy on Friday, we decided to postpone our day till Saturday, which again means I have to cancel (*and very sorry for it) the plan with the girls to find a present for my other friend's bday.. and also cancel on bringing my sister around in city and drag her to the church (*if she was not sick, she must be happy instead of being mad at me)

The weather was perfect, so we both walked around city, had nice lunch at one of our fave Vietnamese resto, and I asked him if he want to go on the river cruise thingy in Yarra River..

It was really nice, and I got to see a lot of new places.. plus I saw ads painted in the sky using the plane, saying "betstar mobile" ..and my river tour guide said it should cost you around $15k..
well, i personally think this is way too expensice, UNLESS it is for some special occassion like proposing?
nah, am joking, its way too expensive, and it fade away in less than 5minutes i guess..

We then walk around again, watch some street performance, drop by in a cute little Japanese shop - where everything is under $5 - so we get crazy and start to buy unimportant stuff, just like this heart shape speaker, and watch Melbourne Music show

At night we met our friends and watch "Eat Pray Love",
and Julie Roberts is stunning, as always..

I'll talk about my SUNday on the other post..
this is way too long already..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Old Lovely Song: Uncle Kracker - Follow Me

Uncle Kracker is the best.. =)

You don't know how you met me
You don't know why
You can't turn around and say goodbye
All you know is when I'm with you
I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I'm singin'

Follow me everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you
Want to leave I can guarantee
You won't find nobody else like me

I'm not worried 'bout the ring you wear
Cuz as long as no one knows than nobody can care
You're feelin' guilty and I'm well aware
But you don't look ashamed and baby I'm not scared
I'm singin'


Won't give you money
I can't give you the sky
You're better off if you don't ask why
I'm not the reason that you go astray and
We'll be all right if you don't ask me to stay


You don't know how you met me
You don't know why
You can't turn around and say goodbye
All you know is when I'm with you
I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I'm singin'

Smokers: with Their Very Noble Sacrifice

I just read this post from Kaskus, the biggest Indonesian community site (they're claiming it, im not sure though), and it strikes me a bit.. and I just feel the urge to share it here..

I translate it into english.. and those are the reasons that I use on my highschool debate practice, where I have to say pro to smokers..
I think it makes sense, and I'll say everyone has the right to or not to smoke,
AS LONG AS they're following the rule of not smoking in areas such as school, hospital, etc etc
Well, I dont think smoking for pregnant woman should be allowed too..

Smokers : Willing to sacrifice their lungs, heart and soul for these reasons...
  1. Patch the state budget devisit by buying cigarettes with tax

  2. Feed the thousands of workers who work in the cigarette company, which mostly are lower class workers

  3. Feed the clove and tobacco farmers

  4. Donate money to music festivals for the pleasure of the nation

  5. Support autonomous regions through billboards on the streets

  6. Provide livelihood for the scavengers of cigarette butts

  7. Support ahstray entrepreneurs

  8. Support the advertising companies

Imagine if all people in Indonesia decided to quit smoking?
How many more problems our government will need to face?
This post is not for the intention to create any propaganda.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i made my mine - short hair

Hola, i've been keeping this for quite a long time ago already,
but now im going to say it out loud again..

i am going to cut my hair short

and it should not be more than a month from now..
geez i keep on postponing..
but what kind of short hair i'll be having?
just wait and see..

i'll pull myself together no matter what people say with the new me later on..
i'll make it work baby..

Home and Away

I followed this Australian TV Series for quite sometime already,
and i just notice this song..
kind of like it.. so i googled it and find it here..

Trust your breath in me for a moment, we'll lose the world.
Body seems to slip the same way, sweet rhythm lie.
She tells me I will always have this, see it on the horizon.
She tells me sweet nothings, love only hurts.
And everybody could see it coming, as clear as daybreak.
Truth be told I could see it coming but I held on anyway.
But I didn't do it.
I could not do it.
Love only hurts just a little.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Change of Heart - Jodi Picoult

I have decided to get myself one book per week for my reading hobby, starting from this month. And the first book that I picked is this one book that I bought long time ago, but has not get the chance to actually finish it. (Actually, I read the first 10pages out of 447 and never touch it anymore).

"Change of Heart" - Jodi Picoult
I realised later on that most of Picoult's novel has got illness or tragedy happening in the story. I will need to get myself a happier kind of book for next time, so that it boost my mood. But this book is not that sad afterall, infact, it gives me a lot of new knowledge about religion, a bit of law, and bits of health explanation included as well. I will rate this book a 3.5 out of 5, simply because i think Picoult's way of thinking is amazing.
Surprisingly, i found this video from YouTube where Picoult herself talking about her new book (at that time - 2008).

She looks a lot bigger than I expected from her pics at the back of the front cover in the book.
Overall, this is worth a read, i'll say..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Money money money money

How much money it get in the picture?
a lot.. =)

PS. I got my set top box at home already, i decided to buy the one in Kmart with HVBTR1200 as its series..
So far, its been going really well,
and now i should get those good chanel with good movies to fill my spare time

What's on the list?

What's on the list now?
  1. My "not so little" sister is coming for her study
    She's still under 18, so she's not going to stay with me, instead she's going to stay with her guardian in the suburb called Balwyn..
    Her guardian is an Italy woman, seems like a nice lady, and the house is failry clean

  2. My parent will come for a visit, but the tour will start in New Zealand at the last week of this month
    Well, maybe i should put this list on next month instead..

  3. Job Hunting should carry on

  4. Waiting for another hope for my PR progress - fingercrossed

  5. This month means I will conclude my teaching period - not that I dont enjoy my tutoring though, i just feel happy for being able to deliver my role

  6. Erick's and Marcia's parent is coming for Graduation Ceremony on mid October

  7. A.K.A I will need to accompany Erick's parent as well

  8. A lil bit of shopping wont hurt
    My excuse: i dont have much attire left for summer, and most importantly I dont have a pair of sandals that I need..

I think that's long enough for now,
see how we goes as the time pass by..

ewh.. and btw, daylight saving starts already..
Happy October
image from here