Sunday, July 29, 2012

Second Tattoo

Im getting a second tattoo (soon enough)
Got a couple of different ideas in my mind already,
but id rather show the final version once its done only


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The London Olympic 2012 - Cola Baked Chicken

So, this year Olympic game will be located in London (doh,, who doesnt know?) and opening ceremony will be on Saturday 6am AUS time..
We got this crazy idea of watching the ceremony while eating a prepared chicken wings from the night before..
We got this idea from watching Matt Preston on Master Chef master class session last time.. He made this sooo easy - American style - cola baked chicken, and it made me salivate...
I made some sticky chicken wings not so long ago for G, and he loveddd it.. but i was using sweet soy sauce and honey instead of cola (healthy me ey?).. so.. lets see how it goes next Saturday, shall we?

All recipe and picture are from MasterChef official website.


1. Preheat oven to 140°C fan forced.
2. Combine cola, sugar, garlic, onion and soy in a bowl.
3. Arrange chicken wings in a single layer in a deep oven tray and pour over cola mixture.
4. Bake for 3-3.5 hours or until sauce is thick and very sticky.

BOP Girl Lyric - Pat Wilson

Being Lara Bingle..
never thought ill be watching this..
had given bad comments even before i started watching it..
but song is really catchy.. it got stuck in my head..
well, at the end of the day, good publication bad publication is publication!
Well done Bingle..

PS. Singer Pat Wilson is Australian..
but someone told me that young Nicole Kidman is also in the video..
how cool is that?
and it was an old old song...

Got the whole world searching for their own bop girl
Out in the crowd, I'm in the street
Got the whole world shaking to my big bop beat
She's a bop girl
She's a bop, she's a bop bop girl
All you follow, I'll lead the way
Oh, the bop girl's A-OK
Dig the bop girl, start to move
down inside that microgroove

Got the whole world searching for their own bop girl
Out in the crowd, I'm in the street
Got the whole world shaking to my big bop beat
She's a bop girl
She's a bop, she's a bop bop girl
At the dance I'm with my man
Dig the flow, jump with the band
I got friction, I can't stop
I'm a dancing spinning top

Got the whole world searching for their own bop girl
Out in the crowd, I'm in the street
Got the whole world shaking to my big bop beat
Now dig the bop girl
A-and swing that thing, owooooooo!

Loss of Direction

First, no 50K prize won for me
this post will simply be a ramble to get everything out of my head :(

I dont know why, but lately ive been feeling down quite a bit..
This whole feeling about rejection, failure and being helpless has take me all the way to be the queen of negativity.. and i hate it.. but i realized it, that make me hate myself even more for realizing something bad but not do anything about it..
Argh... what kind of loop am i in atm?? Its driving me crazy...

I really need to do something to get my head around it..
No one can live like this, right? RIGHT???

I called Mom earlier today, i was on sick leave due to my bad flu, and talking to her on the phone just calm me down a bit..
We dont talk much about me, it was more about her telling me whats been going on back home..
But i couldnt always rely on that, can i?
I dont want to be depending on her like that..
I really have to find something to tackle this all by myself..

I really need to go back to my yoga soon enough..
it should help..

fingers crossed

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let the Birds Grant Our Wish

Am on the run for Nova First Class & 50K !!!!!

Oh My God......
Pray for me people....

Am on the run for Nova First Class & 50K

Click here for video

Home Cook Pizza and Brulee

When was the last time i touch the internet from my laptop for a non-work related stuff really?
I cant remember.
Work has been busy, weather has been cold, and things surely have been happening..
So many unexpected stuff going on lately, but i dont think it will be any use to me to pour it all here..

But, as the old man used to say, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

One good thing,
i had an awesome weekend.
Friends coming over to make some brulee, with the new torch that i bought them last time..
G decided to bake us all some homemade pizza..

Monday, July 2, 2012

Castlemaine Farmers Market

We had a little trip down to Castlemaine (1.5hours drive from CBD) for its monthly farmers market event.
G organised this since i told him i wanted to try raw honey with its wax. Yar i know, amazing how i havent got it ever in my life.. Anw, one of the famous honey farm will be opening a stall on the market. And thats what we wanted to go for originally.
We ended buying some local produce sausage, giant meat pie, and french style waffle with cinnamon syrup.
But yar.. it was a good drive, and we had a good fun..
Some pics here..

Happy Bday Mommy - 27.06.2012

Kiss Hug xoxo

How to poach an egg?

How to poach an egg?
Proper or improper, common or uncommon, any way of doing it as long as it works.

Cooking egg might seems simple, but trust me that many of us aren’t really sure (read for me: have no bloody idea) of the correct way to prepare a perfect poached egg.
While many might say that they were amazed of how people out there do not know how to poach an egg, i have my own defense on it.
If it was that easy, why would many cook book still feature a "how to poach an egg"? Yes?
Another one, when you google "how to poach an egg", you just got this whole list of tutorial and i put my name on it, that you can easily found bunch of pro cook who still struggle with it..
Oh guys.. poaching an egg is not that easy for some, so.. here we are..

As much as i feel that some things are best left to the pros, i do love eggs, and poaching is one of the most healthiest way of eating egg.
Thats why i was so determined to get this technique right..
I have read quite a bit of different tutorials and blogs and tips of how to poach an egg, but this is the one which work for me..
Really, there are heaps of different technique, swirl your water, put vinegar, boil the water, simmer it down, room temperature egg, rubber egg poacher.. etc..

I will feature the steps that work for me, one and only..
Some people might not like this technique, but what can i say.. this is the one that works for me..
And plus, i don't need to buy anything else with this technique, all i need was cling wrap..
So. if you desperate to poach an egg and decided to trust me, follow these steps and you’ll get what you want.. PERFECTLY POACHED EGG.. =)

OK, so first..
what do you need?

* Eggs
* Cling wrap - and dont be stingy, use as much as you need cos the bigger it is, the easier you hold
* Oil for greasing
* Bit of vinegar (depending on how fresh your eggs are - the fresher, the less vinegar you need)

what to do?
1. Fill a small saucepan with water and set to boil.
2. Place your cling wrap on top of ramekin (or any other holder like cup, etc)
3. Grease your cling wrap with some oil slightly
4. Break egg into cling wrap
5. Wrap the egg by gathering up the edges of the cling wrap twisting it and making sure that you have the egg enclosed well
6. Carefully place your egg in the simmering water.
 ***If you like your egg to be a bit runny or soft boiled, poach it for 4.5- 5 minutes (assuming eggs are cold from the fridge or else 3.5-4 minutes if they are from room temperature).
7. Take your egg out of the water and enjoy your poached eggs =)

Best compliment to my spicy noodle
Ooozy egg ~

Creme Brulee ~ cinnamon twist

Funny how things can spin around pretty quickly when you least expected it.
I bought a mini blow torch from a shop close to work cause i wanted the ramekins that it come with.
Having it sitting around in the kitchen made me curious and wanted to try to make some brulee.
Very typical, ey?

Oh well, anyway..
I found this recipe here that i wanted to follow originally.
But clumsy me, when i shop for ingredients, i forgot to pay for the vanilla bean, Doh..~
So being such an Einstein, and overly confident, i put my own twist on it..
I swap it with cinnamon instead.

How it turns out?
Not bad really, all went well..
Despite the fact that i dont get to use the torch cause it has no gas on it (what was i thinking), and that the colour of it becomes darker and sort of brownie from the cinnamon, it tasted great...
I was quite excited that i got a step by step pictures of it..
So here it is.. my cinnamon creme brulee

First step of whisking egg and other ingredients together

Colour changed as soon as you put your vanilla and cinnamon

Halfway to cook

Cinnamon Creme Brulee ready to serve

Lets be Conventional

Do not have oven or toaster?
Do it the conventional way.


Lets be Healthy

Im weird, thats not new.But seriously, when someone says they hated something, it makes me like it instead.

My friend said grape fruit hurt their stomach cause it was so sour, but i love it, a lot!
My friend said long hair is pretty, make me want to cut shorter and shorter..
G said i was just a rebel. I think he's right, i just wanted to go against the flow.

Well, this one..
My friend said this pot set yoghurt is "icky"
guess what? am in love with it.
This is my new addiction atm.. 
I eat it like anytime.. 
JALNA - Natural Pot Set Yoghurt