Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Best Breakfast - Hot Air Balloon

The best breakfast is to watch, not just one - or two, but heapsss of those hot air balloons flying over the sky above your apartment..
You just know its going to be a day of such a supreme weather, that it maybe a crime not to skip work..
If only i got nothing to do at work that day..

Oh well, say hi to the "cute smiley - hot air balloon" from that beautiful sunny day~
*Pardon me for such a crappy picture quality

It's a doing year =)

The first 31days of the year has passed..
and february it is, already..!
Check list on January - NEW PLACE, new life, NEW AMBIENCE, new spirit

Next on the list?
Job satisfaction, healthy life style, happy soul, happy me ~
and still coming on its way..

"Home is where your heart is" - HIM!

picture taken from here