Sunday, April 29, 2012

Melbourne Tullamarine Aircraft Viewing Area

A friend posted on Twitter not so long ago, saying that she drove all the way to the airport to see the airplane flying on top of them.
It hit me straight away that she must be talking about the aircraft viewing area at Tullamarine that i went couple of months ago.

It was a cold weekend, and we've been snuggling under the blanket lying around eating crap food and as far as I can remember, not taking a shower for the whole day. Later on at night, he then decided that we need to get our ass off the bed and do "something". All of a sudden we both get in a full random mode (not like it ever turned off) and thinking of stupid random things that we can do. My mind was so numb, all i can think about was eating food that we've never tried before and we wont care if we have to drive all the way to Geelong. Well, am not driving. Right? =)

FYI, it was Saturday night and the weather would not be more than 18 degrees, blame the weather if you think we are the laziest couple in the world.

We agreed on having dinner somewhere far, just cause we think it would be crazy enough, but he also insist that i need to dress up. Oh, btw, we end up having dinner at Hogs Breath Holmesglen, just cause i wanted to eat some steak and he had never went Holmesglen before. He didnt want to say why, all i know was we are going somewhere after dinner, and he'll take care of everything.
He wanted to bring some blanket and pillow, and i was like "are you crazy? am not going to the park at this weather!". Turns out he took me to this aircraft viewing area, we got lost for quite a while.. but it was BEAUTIFULLLLL...
a lot of people were parking there as well, but we got the benefit of sitting comfortably inside the car with the roof down.
He told me he knew this place when he first started working, and his office was at Tullamarine.

It was very fun watching how airplane take off or landing.. It seems like they're moving with the same speed as a car would go for, and all of a sudden we lost them.. Yar, we tried that, driving along the side following till the last bit where we can go, right before the restricted area..
I wish i had pictures.. but i was too caught up with the moment that time ~

Thank you Melbourne..
 #Things that you can't do back in Indo

Monday, April 9, 2012

~ Happy easterR ~

Happy Easter everyone ..

Run for the Kids Marathon

We freakin did it, bro!
14.8km and am no 16000 out of 33000 participants~
not too bad, isnt it?

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