Saturday, January 19, 2013

Skin update

I didnt go to the doctor from my last appointment..
The skin has decided to cure itself within days, and i feel silly to still go..
It hasnt come back since as well, which is good..
Halleluyah haha..

#365 - 2013

So.. its already 2013, and we are almost to finish the first month already..
Sometimes in Feb last year, i was browsing around on the internet when i found about #365
I felt incredibly silly for not knowing #365 earlier, and that I have passed the first month and become too late for me to start one..
I promised myself that I would start a #365 in 2013 and i will finish it proudly..
I really think it was a great great idea, and it will be such a sweet thing to do to go through it at the end of the year while waiting for the new year to kicks in..

For those who feel left out, just like me last year.. Dont worry!
I felt your pain but there's always 2014.. we've passed the apocalypse.. so giddy up for coming Jan =)

Well.. what is #365?
The original idea of #365 is to take one picture a day through out the year, while improving your photography skills..
However these days people all around the world has their own version of #365
Some were doing a gratitude note, one for each day through out the year instead of taking pictures..
Locked in a jar bottle for the family to read back at the end of the year.. (which i think is sweet as well)
-image from Google search-
Some were taking up challenges on doing new things every single day.. - this is so what am gonna do for '14
Some were baking - doesnt matter if it was small or big ones - but again, for every single day.. this is so not me.. i cant stand the kitchen mess after a week imo..
Some were just like me,, decided to do the pictures, but just using my lovely reliable iphone.. no photography skills whatsoever, but i tried to make sure it was the highlight of my day...

I will post my pictures at the end of the month, so that i got 12 posts to go through at the end of the year..
Cant wait to see how it turns up on December.. =)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Something is wrong with my skin around the eyes area

It just started to get flaky and cracky and all dry at the same time =(
The old ointment that i got from a GP long time ago for something kinda similiar doesnt seems to help much anymore..
Am going to the doctor on Wed.. Geez i didnt know it was that hard to get an appointment for a good GP here in the city..
lets hope it doesnt get worse till then.. and lets hope its nothing serious

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 #365

Happy new year, peeps
Selamat tahun baru, keluarga
Feliz año nuevo, mi bebe

May the new year bring health, happiness and all the wish you have~

Let the #365 begin...
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