Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I've heard about this book since a long time ago, from friends and when i get to any bookstore at that time..
but it is not until when I watched a movie with my BF when i saw the trailer for its movie..

and guess whos staring the movie?
Julia Roberts
~the most old looking but stunning woman in Hollywood~

i asked my friend who's suppose to be on vacation back there in Indo,
to buy me the book,
the one trasnlated to Indonesian already (lazy lazy lazy)
but seems like this book is out of stock anywhere..

so, just yesterday when i got my tutor training in Clayton,
i saw a bazaar in the common lawn,
and one of the stall is selling old and rare books..
not that im expecting anything to get my interest from it,
but then i saw the "eat pray love" book on the corner of his stall..
i asked him, and he said "RRP $25, for you i give $15..
and once you finished, and lets say its in same condition, you can sell it again to me, for $7.."
and he smiled..

oh.. i wont sell it back to you..
but yes, i buy the book because:
1. its cheaper
2. his smile is so warm and he looks nice
3. i feel like the book is destined to be sell to me

so far im up to page 47 out of 345..
and here's is the trailer..
hope i can finish it before i watch it..


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