Monday, June 10, 2013

Mid Year Resolution

Although i often tell people that I dont so much believe in NY resolution, the slight touch of OCD in me always secretly wonder what to put in the list.. Despite the fact that it is more often forgotten than not (the very main reason why i dont believe in such NY resolution), the thought of knowing what to do, or what to expect never fail to comfort me.. Which leads me to this post..

One very fine afternoon, yet I found myself feeling all down and gloomy.. Damn weather, its not helping..
The apartment is so cold that i feel like putting another socks on top of the one that i got on already.. G must be happy that am putting socks without having to go through an argument first..
Anyhow, I start stressing about work, and how much pressure i feel in the office.. and the same old story begin.. Almost everyday at work lately has been a challenge for me.. It feels like one job after another.. and there is never enough time for perfection.. Once a job done, ill go through the cycle of stressing over an imperfect delivery.. and so on and so on..

G managed to calm me down, as always - and i start getting all comfortable and happy again.. but seriously, do i really want to live a life where i dont own any control of my life? Do i really need to rely on G to comfort me - all the time?

So i tried to reflect back, or so i hope i did.. and i told myself that enough is enough.. Pull yourself together and start getting better (again).. This time around, lets be strong.. I know this might or might not work, but nil effort will bring me nowhere, while at least an effort will bring me somewhere..

So here's my self reflection list
who cares if its not 1st of Jan..

"Anytime is a good time to do what's right"

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hong Kong View

Who wouldn't awe such a view? One can only wonder
But wonder no more, for dream can be come true
and true it is

Sunday, June 2, 2013

#365 - 2013 - #Month5

Hip hip hooray im posting May's post for the project 365 on time