Thursday, April 28, 2011

dream DO come true - Royal Wedding

I guess being able to witness one royal wedding in ur life is quite something, eh?
Eventhough its only from the big screen, still, its like, not eveyrone got the chance to witness the change of the millenium, rite?

So, I would not say much about it,
pictures will do the work..
*source is from everywhere* i would say courtesy to the Royal Family itself for the pics..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

happy Easter baby

Oh My Gosh,
i loveeeee long weekend..

It's all started on Friday
and ended on Wednesday..

long weekend means: short weekend at work..
means: lets have some fun =)

happy easter, baby..

pic from here

Sunday, April 17, 2011

They said "the more, the merrier"
... true?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Being an Adult is Totally Over Rated"

When we were young, we want to be an adult..
..but you know what?

"Being an Adult is Totally Over Rated"
To start with, adult has to earns a living.
Adult has to pay their own rent.
Adult has to manage their own bill.
Adult has to be able to take responsibility.

Adult adult adult
Basically, adult has to know how to be responsible for their own life.
Responsibility is totally sucks? Haha

Lets think about the time when we were young, and you thought having a bad mark in your report card and has to face your parent is a big big nightmare..
How funny life can be, eh?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"One Level Up" Neighbour

This is so cute..
Me and my housemate was just went back from having lunch when we found this little note inside our apartment..
We have noticed before that every now and then our new neighbour(s) are these guys who seems to enjoy their small little party in their balcony a lot.. When i say neighbour here, i mean "one level up neighbour" who live in the apartment right above ours.. As far as i know, their apartment should have the exact same blue print with mine's.. But i think there are more than just 3 guys living there.. I once met with one of them who just finished swimming and he seems to just get a bad bad sunburn, and then another one who seems to do jogging a lot, and another one who seems to look sleepy all the time, and another one who looks like an adventurous kind of person to me..

Anyway, look at what they sent us..
a lil friendly note from our neighbour..
...ah how cute...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Count Your Calorie, Bitch =(

Am still doing my daily journal on MyFitnessPal, yay me..
I noticed sometimes i went over my daily calory allowance, but most of the time im doing allright.. It has been handy having it with me, so it reminds me to "behave" when having my meals.. But now I have a plan.. STICK WITH IT on WEEKDAYS, and get your REWARDS on WEEKEND.. =)

This apps has gimme a lot of new knowledge, like how 2 slice of wholegrain bread is almost equal to 1 whole cup of rice.. How 1 muesli bar that my colleague and i are usually snacking worth 150calories.. How all kind of junk food like one cheeseburger is worth your whole calory consumption of the day.. How small gum like 5 Wrigleys (Red one is my fave) worth 6 calories.. How water got ZERO calorie.. How tea and coffee worth not even 2 calories per table spoon.. How one spoon of olive oil (regardless how good olive oil is to your heart) is worth 300calories..

How big the difference can a normal milk and skinny milk make.. How big the difference can one bag of Smith Chips (45g) compare to rice cracker.. How big the difference can Crispy Chicken Sushi and Tuna Sushi make.. How big the difference can Water Spring Tuna and Thai Curry Tuna make.. How big the difference can Light Cheese and Normal Cheese Kraft make..

I might soounds picky about food lately, but I know its for my own good.. and hopefully others as well.. I never stop others from eating any kind of food if they want to, but I might as well tell them what I know.. it will be fun being on the same board with your friends, eh?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Now I am Scared

I need some confidence injection, asap, please..