Sunday, November 25, 2012

THERE, you have it..!

Cause its true!
Dont blame me, or anyone else
Cause if you want to stay in my life,
you'll find your way
Maybe you need to think if you truly want to be in my life at all


I needed to be strong (physically) (mentally)

i know i want thisi know i need it
and i know ill love it

i just needed to jump back in
just like the old time
and i just did

am back to gym
for starter,
and there will be more
more to it
this time, near future and long one

i know i can do this
i know i want it
i know i need it
and i know ill love it

cause one baby step is a step
and step(s) is all i need

Which step have you reached today?!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tolerance value

"I believe i have the quality that you are after. It is because I put my heart into everything that i do, i dont do things just cause someone told me to. I do things in context. And if i believe something is not right, i have to ask and justify it, at least for the sake of myself."

That is one of the answer that I'd give to anyone who interview me.
I proud myself for not being a "Yes Sir, Yes Sir" person, and i know no one should.
But trust me, reality is never going to be perfect. And it frustrate me over time.

New job been awesome so far.
Even though i havent found myself as comfortable as how i used to be in my old job, it can only get better from time to time.
My manager and team mate has been quite helpful and friendly to me. They both married, and their main goal in life atm is to get a new house for the family.
The rest of the team are all men, except one lady, that is now on leave for 3 weeks for a wedding.
Practically, am the only girl in the team. Not to mention the only not-married one, and under 25YO one.
Ok, i dont want to complain, but i couldnt help it to always point this out, cause i feel out of the loop when it comes to day to day conversation with any of them

More towards the job itself.
I found myself so far feeling overwhelmed with the fact that everthing is so different here at AGL.
Yes, i know, just like relationship, one should never compare current with old one.
But really? seriously? Who wouldnt?
First, so far i only got one screen, and its 17" squarish one (i just applied for an extra monitor tho).
Second, i need to learn so many small little different things from writing SQL in Oracle to SQL Server now. Which is fine, but sometimes can be annoying.
Third, network is quite slow in the office.
Forth, am still under the shadow sometimes that i feel scared that i cant perform the job well enough

I havent been doing much of data mining in terms of building any models, but i start to get my hand on it looking at previous model just yesterday.
I hope hope hope hope, fingers crossed, everything goes well, and i can fulfill what's expected of me, and beyond.
I hope hope hope hope, no bad things happening to me, like AGL decided to cut back on resources or stuff.
Geez, working in a big company is quite scary, despite the fact that its big ofcourse. And yes, those benefits that i can get haha..

Anw, thanks again Mom and G for being my solid rock through this transition time in my life.

Oh and..
"Cause if i go against my believe, i got nothing left in my life.."
How far would someone goes beyond his tolerance value?

My thought of the  day

YOLO - Golden Hair

Try everything at least once!

Here we go, dyed my hair, coloured it GOLD, and abrakadabra..

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh my dear Lord

What sort of sins have we women do?
We just cant get enough of shoes.. and why cant shoes be on sale all the time?
And when it is, why cant it be the mid of the month already? So we can pay for it =(

And like its not enough dilema, i cant decide which one i want..
Black looks classic, and in my defence, i do need a new pair of shoes for new job
Who can say no to black anw?

But red looks even more vintage..
and where else can you get a pair of comfy red shoes in LEATHER?!!
Trust me its not that easy to find a good pair of red shoes in leather these days..
All girls are just dying for those sky scrapper red heels with a shiny finish on it..
making it typical in my eyes.. - I just want to be different =))


This pair is from Nine West