Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cornutopia - Taco Van @Preston Market

This is Saturday, with the worst weekend weather in Mlebourne so far for the year.
The weather forecast was saying something about raining, strong wind, and freezing cold of 15 degrees max.
I woke up in the morning and Gian told me, this is freaking sunny..
So here we go, all the way 25mins drive to Preston Market to hunt what so called the best taco van in Melbourne, called Cornutopia..

I have to say, its worth the drive
weather was fine..
until we finish eating, then it started to rain..
Menu Board @ Cornutopia

Breakfast Menu - Option 1 for Two

Corn with Honey and Sesame

Tacos for three - WE ARE GREEDY

The market was quite big i must say, saw quite a lot of turkish and greek cafe around the market
Decided to grab some quick latte for take away from one of the Turkhis deli before we quickly head home
one more thing to take out from my list ..
and yes, its yummy and worth to come back again..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

You say you love me

"You say you love me too much that and its scary, but dont i make you feel safe?
Believe in me and us, we're not something to fear and have faith that we can work through any issue... Be confident." (Anonymous)

and Just like that, i fall for you over and over again
pic from here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Can DO it~

Silly BF!

Where have I been (lately) ~ pics?

Pictures to follow peeps~
Manchester Press Chorizo Bagel

Manchester Press

Menya - Gyu Tan Don Ox Tongue

Big Breakfast & Egg Atlantic Degraves St

Hot Choc - Degraves St

Pork Shank - iSPICY

Tom Yum Prawn - iSPICY

Pretty pretty STEPH!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where have I been (lately)?

As i always answer my friends who tell me to have a puppy here in Melbourne, "Am not doing it, not until Im sure I can commit and have (not just spare) time for them. Its not fair for the dog to be owned by someone who doesn't even have time to take them out everyday, at least once.".
I feel having a blog is sort of the same thing, up to a certain point ofc, where I just feel obligated to update around..
So, lets see what can I say.. where have i been lately..?

This post is about one of my best friend visit from Jakarta..

Sweet enough, I took a day off last Friday, knowing that my friend from Jakarta was coming to town.
We used to leave together as housemate at Clayton, years ago.. and she is coming for a weekend only.
It was funny how she keep on telling me that she will get to Melbourne on Friday morning, and going back home on Sunday midnight. I figure we have plenty of time to go around and eat all of those food on her list that she's been dying to eat. All are good and planned beautifully in my head till I realise that she suppose to be goin back on Saturday night, Sunday 00.00AM. Crazy thing?!!

So anw, here's what we got to fit in with that (practically) crazy 48hours visit in Melbourne~
Manchester Press - the Bagel expert
Menya - GyuTanDon
Big Breakfast & Egg Atlantic - Degraves
Boost Juice
Yong Tofu - Target Centre Bourke st
iSpicy - Pork Shank

She should have said at least for another 24hours..
then I can bring her around~
who disagree?

Note, below were on her list and she couldn't get it all ticked
Might need  another weekend gateaway, Fan? =)
Fredo Gelati - Lygon
Kanpai Japanese - Chapel St
SubWay Sandwich (yar i know...~)
Korchi Korean - Clayton
Mart 130 - Middle Park
Dessert House - Chinese Food Swanston St
Sushi Roll

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another food and dining out post~

This post is about my other food and dining out this weekend..
We did quite a bit of eating out this weekend, and I just feel all guilty now. I knowww!~
But i guess its fine as long as I am back to my strict weekdays healthy lifestyle tomorrow.

Anyway, this time we went to try out a new Korean place called Mook Ji at Lonsdale.
We originally wanted to go Gami (again) but then comes up with this idea to try a something different.

Hot Cheese and Spicy Fried Chicken - They really are SPICY
Kimchi Pancake - Their Size is as Big as a Large Pizza
Then we had straight for dessert next door at one of the cafe at Degraves.
It was surprisingly really good, we share one cake, and it was his pick.
A flourless chocolate mud cake~
and see how funny my hot chocolate topping was, looks just like a zebra.
Zebra Topping Hot Chocolate

Blue Corn - St Kilda

It was Cinco de Mayo (5th of May), a date where the United States celebrate and commemorate the Mexican heritage and pride.Read more here from Wikipedia.

We decided try Blue Corn, a well known Mexican restaurant at St Kilda.
Place looks small from online reviews that we can find earlier, but was surprised when they got some more tables hidden at the back of the restaurant.

It was packed and we waited for around 30mins before we finally got our main.
It was a good place to eat, not as WOW as Mamasita, but definitely worth a visit.

Things that we ordered.
Chicken Fajita
Too Big Too Wrap Burito
Grape Fruit Margarita - Strongest I ever had for Margaritta
Inside the Restaurant at the Back Side

Cairns Journal Part 2 - Pictures

As promised, im gonna upload some pic we took from Cairns..
I love every single bit of things that we did back there, and trust me, there's a lot more than what these pictures can tell ~
View from Our Hotel - Shang Ri La by the Pier

Sky Rail Trip to Kuranda Village
Hartley's Crocodile Farm - Feeding the Croc

Cock and Bull Bar
Cock and Bull Bar - Gian ordered his Crocodile Parmigana
Cock and Bull Bar - My $7 fully worthed Dessert

QuickSilver Cruise to Great Barrier Reef

Blazing Saddle Horse Riding

Off we go - Back to Melbourne

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cairns Journal~

...i guess ill update bit by a bit again.. =((((

We went to Cairns last Easter break. Well, to be exact, weekend after the easter break.
It was a long story, but who am i to say not to have time, when all i need to do after this post was to eat.. Hehe.
Pardon my (potentially) not so energetic posts lately, i've been blaming the weather a lot. But truth is, i think its more to do with my weird period cycle lately. Oops, sorry, woman talk..

Anw, back to topic.. CAIRNS!
We bought our ticket to go 2 weeks after the easter break, assuming the ticket and the hotel price will be a lot cheaper (which was true) and we got to sort of enjoy 2 breaks in a month instead of just 1. Got all itenary and stuff ready, before Gian found out that his leave form has been rejected since there is a new progress on the project at work that he need to be testing rite away.. So lame, we end up having to change our dates and everything, going thru the pain of being in hold with those operators, and ofc not to forget, the pain of paying admin fee for change of date.. We end up paying a lot more, but what can we say? Right? sigh..
I dont want to dwell about the bad part too much, thats not what i wanted to put in this journal post anw.. so.. lets see what was going on back there, shall we? =)
ooh, and also, i wanted this post to be my reference if next time am goin to Cairns again..

What i know?
Cairns vs Port Douglas
When we first decided to go to Cairns, I was confused about where to stay, Cairns or Port Douglas. To be honest i was not even sure where or what was on Port Douglas. But we got this amazing deal staying at Shang Ri La and it was at Cairns. So drop all of my research and just be happy about it.. But here's what i found from all over the web regarding the 2 destination. Trust me, its been a split opinion on both sides, and you just get to decide depending on what was ur purpose of goin to Cairns..

Bigger city centre
More crowd - local and tourists
Easier access to restaurants and bars
More shops
Multiple cruises departing Cairns going to different reefs for snorkling and diving
45 miles away from Port Douglas

Port Douglas
Much quiter and smaller than Cairns
More to resort sort of accomodation than hotels
Easier access to Cape Tribulation
Closer access to Quick Silver cruise for Great Barrier Reef diving / snorkling
More appeals to those that like village atmosphere with many eaterie

What we did?
Kuranda Sky Rail 
A must do activity for anyone who decided to go to Cairns. All you need to do is buy the ticket and it brings you all the way up to Kuranda Village. You can buy a ticket going up with sky rail and going back to Cairns with train or vice versa. Regardless, you got to enjoy this amazing view on the way there. If you're taking the skyrail, your ticket include 2 stops, which was just a short walk from where you catch your skyrail back.
One of them was for the famous waterfall, it was so awesome, i feel like jumping in and swim all the way under neath it. Well it was not the best idea in the world obviously. This waterfall was just really strong, it looks like heavy water pouring from up there. =)

Hartley's Crocodile Farm 
To be honest, i was not all so interested to go to the croc farm at all at first. But as the wise old man said, you should try everything in life at least once. So I went. It turns out to be really fun and entertaining. Make sure you watch the Crocodile show if you go there. I really like it, the guy who did the show was so funny and convincing. He showed us how crocodile think and hide and stalking its victim.
I just loveeee it. Oh.. and we got to see some Koala, Kangoroo and Cassoary as well over there.

Cock and Bull Bar
Done with the Hartley's Farm visit, guess what we had for dinner? CROCODILEEE..
We went to this famous bar called Cock and Bull, they got massive portion on their food, and with this in mind, a very cheap price as well. Oh ill upload my dessert pic which was the best $7 i spent on dessert at Cairns.

Blazzing Saddles
We were forced to cancel our Quicksilver tour due to bad weather, so we decided to go horse riding. The same place also had this ATV ride going on, but I just dont feel like doing it that day. We went for a half day tour doing the horse riding only.
Oh man... i couldnt be happier. The subtle rain just made it even better. I love when we go uphill, and then downhill, riding really fast, trying to keep control of the horse, and the best part was when we crossed the river. Half of my leg was dipped in the water. aaaa...
If only taking horse riding lesson is more affordable here, I wouldnt complain to do some more lesson really...

Quicksilver Cruise - Great Barrier Reef
I know most people will be talking about how pretty the Great Barrier Reef is when they go to Cairns. But really, it was not the highlight of my Quicksilver Cruise ride. Not that i was complaining, and the Reef was beautiful, but really.. i was too happy playing around with this rented digital underwater camera. We took almost 200 pics on itself for our day trip to the Reef. Oh yar. and ofc the lunch buffet..
I remember how happy my tummy was..~

Night Market

Call me uncivilised or anything, but I paid just $15 or so to get this plastic plate, and I can serve myself as much crab as I can get, as much prawn and fish and squids and beef and chihcken and everything really...
I was telling myself "You have to go back here if you go back to Cairns"..
and ofc a bit of shopping from the market itself.. Found this sweet looking bracelet at a stone jewelry place, but decided not to buy one for myself..

So, if I were to go back to Cairns again.. what would I do?

What else is there?
Cape Tribulation
-Paddle Kayak Trekking
-Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour through the trees on flying fox ziplines
-Night walk in the Daintree Rain Forest

Cairns Tower Bungy Jump
Our tour guide once said, when they first started their bungy jumping business at Cairns, they had this crazy ads saying "Jump Nude, Jump Free". They soon were forced to take this ads off due to massiveee amount of (damn-cool) European backpackers who's willing to do so
Haha.. im not sure if it was just a joke or not, but i found it really funny ~

Helicopter Scenic Flight
I just wanted to do any helicopter scenic flight really, but i guess Cairns would be a good one, righto?

River Tubing and White Water Rafting
River Tubing is this exciting floating along on a twin chamber tubes at the beautiful Goldsborough Valley for up to two hours, just enjoying the beautiful scenery, while drifting and drifting...
And ofcourse the famous Tully River for extreme white water rafting

~gosh this post is really tiring but worth it..~
am gonna update with more pics soon enoughhhh


I got this post i've been updating from last Sunday but not published yet about my Cairns Journal, and when i hit Publish, it was all goneeeee!!

I SERIOUSLY hate this new BLOGGER view