Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proud to be Indonesian - Harmony Orchestra

Harmoni Orchestra featuring Gamaliel & Audrey Tapiheru

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good bye August, Welcoming September

September Ceria - Cheerfull September..
There's this one very old song sang by an old diva from my country, Indonesia..
Her name is Vina Panduwinata, but she is a truly diva that she still got her way on almost every major musical event back there..

anywawy, i randomly remember that this is almost the end of August already,
and soon September will come..
geez.. its been a rough month,
and by rough, i mean full of random feelings..
i got a lot of excitement from my tutoring,
a lot of crazy hectic days from my thesis and paper submission thing,
both hard laugh and sadness with friends..
been through a lot of anniversaries, bdays, due dates, and any other important dates you can think of..

bottom line is?
i want my September soon..
"September Ceria"

pictures speak thousand words..
click to enlarge,
if ur interested =D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eat Pray Love - favourite parts

I finished reading my "Eat Pray Love" book around last week,
but just got the chance to blog freely again tonight.
Its been a busy "slacking around" week for me..

Anyway, i would give the book a 7 out of 10,
and i would recommend the book, but not to everyone..
I personally think that this book is a bit too details in terms of description,
which i think can be really boring for some people..
but i do still want to go and watch the movie..

Oh yes, i managed to note some of my fave parts in the book,
since a friend of mine borrow my book atm, i can not cross check if its the right page im referring to,
but i do know the roughly part or chapter...

1. what i love about the story is: the 3 countries she visited..
Italy, India and Indonesia.. it concludes a "triple I's"

2. chapter 15 about description of why Italian is the most beautiful language in the world

3. the theory about every city (in the world) has a word that can fully represent the its life (Rome's is "sex")

4. Richard-from-Texas's explanation about why we should be careful when praying (he asked to God repetitively about "opening his heart", before he finally got an accident and get his, literally, heart being opened =D)

well, there might be a lot more, but i just cant remember..
anyway, go and read it if you like,
its a worth to read book when u have much spare time,
but not if u r a super duper busy kind of girl, i think.. =D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't ask me why?

Don't ask me why i have not blog lately?
Me, myself, has not been aware of what's going on in my mind..
life seems pretty OK, but apparently nothing in this world is perfect..

i kind of lost my part-time Indonesian home tutoring last week,
and this is no one's fault..
apparently Sophie, my student, has forgotten to tell me that she is leaving overseas for 3weeks after our last lesson..
her mom, does not do any good either..
so, i was standing there, in a cold weather,
with a strong wind,
in a station, 40mins away from home,
and i've been trying to reach Sophie on phone for maybe 20times on her phone..
anyway, she managed to get back to me later that night,
when im home already, and she was sorry..
but i dont think i will do our lessons anymore..
its just too far,
and maybe this is a sign to actually stop..?

another thing,
i've been feeling unwell this late days..
everytime i go outside for dinner or lunch,
i always feel weird in my tummy,
i dont want to vomit,
i just feel like my tummy keep on struggling inside..
i dont know if thats a good or a bad thing,
knowing my detox on last two week ago..

bright side?
my housemate is back,
the house is not so silent anymore,
i got my money for buying the furnitures back already,
and my BF is awesome hahaha..

oh, one last thing,
i had a great time with friends last Sunday in a road trip to Daylesford..

*point to note about Daylesford:
i want to go back on summer for the water pedicab in the lake =)

pic from here

Friday, August 20, 2010

Anggun - 'La Javanaise' Live

Anggun performing Serge Gainsbourg's 'La Javanaise' at an accoustic session with French television TV5 Monde.

Anggun is an Indonesian singer,
definitely is a diva back there,
and moved abroad once she married to a French guy.

Anyway, enjoy!!!

J'avoue j'en ai bave pas vous mon amour
Avant d'avoir eu vent de vous mon amour
Ne vous deplaise
En dansant la Javanaise
Nous nous aimions
Le temps d'une chanson

A votre avis qu'avons-nous vu de l'amour
De vous a moi vous m'avez eu mon amour
Ne vous deplaise
En dansant la Javanaise
Nous nous aimions
Le temps d'une chanson

Helas avril en vain me voue a l'amour
J'avais envie de voir en vous cet amour
Ne vous deplaise
En dansant la Javanaise
Nous nous aimions
Le temps d'une chanson

La vie ne vaut d'etre vecue sans amour
Mais c'est vous qui l'avez voulu mon amour
Ne vous deplaise
En dansant la Javanaise
Nous nous aimions
Le temps d'une chanson

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I've heard about this book since a long time ago, from friends and when i get to any bookstore at that time..
but it is not until when I watched a movie with my BF when i saw the trailer for its movie..

and guess whos staring the movie?
Julia Roberts
~the most old looking but stunning woman in Hollywood~

i asked my friend who's suppose to be on vacation back there in Indo,
to buy me the book,
the one trasnlated to Indonesian already (lazy lazy lazy)
but seems like this book is out of stock anywhere..

so, just yesterday when i got my tutor training in Clayton,
i saw a bazaar in the common lawn,
and one of the stall is selling old and rare books..
not that im expecting anything to get my interest from it,
but then i saw the "eat pray love" book on the corner of his stall..
i asked him, and he said "RRP $25, for you i give $15..
and once you finished, and lets say its in same condition, you can sell it again to me, for $7.."
and he smiled..

oh.. i wont sell it back to you..
but yes, i buy the book because:
1. its cheaper
2. his smile is so warm and he looks nice
3. i feel like the book is destined to be sell to me

so far im up to page 47 out of 345..
and here's is the trailer..
hope i can finish it before i watch it..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gratitude in Life

Today i feel extremely good..
everything i see is fun and happiness,
and i feel the gratitude in life..

no particular reason,
i surprisingly woke up quite late this morning,
it was 8am (yes, im such a grannie now, 8am is considered late already for me)
and as agreed before, me and BF has decided to go swimming..
Things to be grateful for: i have such a wonderful BF who is supportive enough to keep me healthy and manage to help my diet program

but i just cant get my head off the pillow..
i did not want to swim just yet..
i wanted to cook some brekky.. =D

so i managed to get my BF to wait for a while,
let him browse around Youtube from his iphone,
this is enough to keep him distracted, haha
(i really think that Youtube change his life a lot, in a good way~)
Things to be grateful for: everyone is happy -
me: happy cooking ; him: happy browsing

while im cooking some pancake, yay...

i bought a lot of groceries few days ago,
up to $35 i guess,
including pancake powder and marple syrup,
and i got to pay nothing..
i used the gift card i had from helping in the Monash Open Day around last week
Things to be grateful for: happily shopping without having to pay one single cent of it

then, after making up to 14stacks of pancakes,
i leave around 6 for my housemate and her BF,
and ate the rest for me and my BF..
Things to be grateful for: i luv sharing happiness, and i hope my housemate likes the pancake =)

hit the gym (correction: swimming),
chit chat and last,
sauna time
Things to be grateful for: nothing beats the feeling of being healthy together with your loved ones

then we went to city,
hanging around,
visit the State Library for the first time for almost 4years leaving in Australia,
Things to be grateful for: got the chance to actually witness the beauty of such an old and heritage building
went to church,
met old friends,
had dinner,
and now off to bed really soon
Things to be grateful for: i can sleep with a smile hanging on my face for this awesome week

gratitude in life..

Picture from here

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kesha - Hungover

Nope, im not having a hungover..
but i do think this song is a w e s o m e
and she deserved to be publish here,

anyway, this is the only song that i actually can say that she is actually singing
(*geez what a long sentence)

And now the sun is rising
And now the long walk back home (back home)
There's just so many faces,
But no one I need to know (need to know)

In the dark I can't fight it, I fake til I'm numb
But in the bright light,
I taste you on my tongue

Now the party's over
And every bodys gone
I'm left here with myself and I wonder what went wrong
And now my heart is broken
Like the bottles on the floor
Does it really matter?
Or am I just hung over you?
Ah ah ah, ah ah ah
Or am I just hungover?

Even my dirty laundry
Everything just smells like you (like you)
And now my head is throbbing
Every song is out of tune
Just like you

In the dark I can't fight it til it disapears
But in the daylight
I taste you in my tears

And now the party's over,
And every bodys gone
I'm left here with myself and I wonder what went wrong
And now my heart is broken
Like the bottles on the floor
Does it really matter?
Or am I just hung over you?

Now Iv'e got myself looking like a mess
Standing alone
Hear at the end try to pretend but no,
I put up my fight
But this is it this time (this time)
Cus I'm here at the end, tryin to pretend
Here at the end, tryin to pretend
Oh, ohhh

And now the party's over,
And every bodys gone
I'm left here with myself and I wonder what went wrong
And now my heart is broken
Like the bottles on the floor
Does it really matter?
Or am I just hung over you?
Ah ah ah, ah ah ah
Or am I just hungover?

Ah ah ah
Or am I just hungover?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ella Fitzgerald - They can't take that away from me

The way you wear your hat
The way you sip your tea
The memory of all that
No they can't take that away from me

The way your smile just beams
The way you sing off key
The way you haunt my dreams
No they can't take that away from me

We may never never meet again, on that bumpy road to love
But I'll always, always keep the memory of

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you changed my life
No they can't take that away from me

Monday, August 9, 2010

MSFW: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Should i go or not?

MSFW is one of those annual event on fashion that the City of Melbourne actually holding..
We surely got heaps of designers over here,
and having to see their newest collection for next season before its released is surely fun..

I went to this event last year, with my friends..
and I wanted to go again this year..
but should i or should i not?
there's just too many things going on atm..
*as always*
anyway, still got some time,
the event is not until the end of August i guess

Lucy McIntosh is the face of MSFW 2010,
while we got, Ruby Rose as the Melbourne cultural ambassador 2010
~i personally think Lucy looks like Miranda Kerr
but i love Ruby, she looks determined and definitely knows what she's representing..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two Years

I know its not 8th of August yet,
but since I have to go to this Indonesian event with my friends tomorrow,
and the next day is Monday already,
so me and BF decided to celebrate our little special day today..

we went to Eureka,
have a nice dinner,
went to the casino (and won $100),
lot of snacks in between (see pics - we got it from the Winter Festival at Southbank),
it is a perfect night

i should mention we did a have a lil bit of fight early in the morning,
and later at night,

but anyway,
we sort it out on the 8th,
and everything is fine
*oops correction*
everything is awesome now..

happy anniversary huni..

detox: day three

aaa missed it again,
i was too busy yesterday - having some fun with friends..
and i forgot to post this..

anyway, detox day three ~ yay
finally made it till the end..
warm water
freshly squeeze lemon
this is the best energy booster for you in a detox program..
tomato (3)
apple (1)
one thing i should be proud about for this lunch: i helped my friend to prepare for it while keeping myself not to ruin my detox..
it was not easy, looking at green italian salad and ham carbonara in front of your eyes,
and not tempted to eat it..
tomato (2)
carrot (3)
and this is the end of my programm

so far,
i dont know how it benefit my body,
but i do know that i feel lighter,
and i feel a lot healthier
happy detox

Friday, August 6, 2010

oopps missed one day, detox: day two

yesterday was hard.

well actually its not that hard at first,
i managed to drink plenty of water until around 12pm
and i plan to get my lunch around 2pm..

but since out of nowhere my housemate,
who has been eating take away food for the last two weeks,
suddenly decided to cook.. and yeaa it smells really good..
so once she finished, i quickly make myself lunch
which is:
red tomato (3)
baby carrot (2)
and to make it sweet, a lil bit of strawberry (5)
(*i know strawberry sounds weird, but it actually taste good)
so, everything is going well until my BF come over
and the first thing that he want to do is
"cook some Korean instant noodle"
yes! can u believe it?
while here im trying to get rid of the toxin inside my body,
he's actually eating it,
and the worst part it, it tempt me so harddd
my solution? make another juice, this time:
pure melon juice (the whole round)
like its not enough,
around 8pm he wanted to buy some Subway,
oh geez.. i just cant cope with it anymore..
i need to sleep,
why is the time running really slow today?
juice juice juice i need juiceee~
pineaple (half)
apple (1)
and this one actually taste really good..
oh well, my tummy's happy..
good night~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Detox while Menstruating : safe?

So, this is detox day two, and i just realised that its time for my period.
I should have checked my calendar more closely before actually decided to do some detox.
Im such a sloppy girl~
the question is
"Is it wise to detox during the period of your menstruation?"

Well anyway, i dont know if its ok or not to actually detoxing while menstruating,
so again and again, i do some research,
and as there is no certain website that i've been referring to,
i just keep on searching and searching..

and i hate it,
because i got roughly the same amount of information on both pro and cons..
some say that menstruation is the natural detoxing process of your body,
so if you detox while menstruating - it's just a waste of time..
while some say,
detoxing while menstruating actually is recommended,
as your body has try to clean itself,
and ur making it easier..

well, i have decided to continue with my detox program..
as i feel no pain so far, and there is no sign of headache or anything else..
i hope everything goes well

oooww, and on my time doing the research,
i found this website that i kind of like,
and its quite promising for me
click here if you're interested

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Theme

Oh yeah, i will change my theme tonight,
but then am too lazy to finish up..
might leave this mess for a bit,

i got the whole day free tomorrow anyway..
and yet, i need something to do to kill the time,
keep this evil mind, who constantly asking me to eat something. away..
everything looks so tempting,
even a bite of Mcd cheeseburger..

come to me dear detox goddess~

detox: day one

this day i started my "3 days liquid detox" program,
and im putting as much effort to keep it steady till the end of Friday *helppp..*

i did quite a lot of research already,
it help me to decide the detail for the recipes that i will be doing for my juice consumption as my lunch and dinner..
i will probably have the same breakfast which is warm water and fresh lemon squeeze for the whole 3days,
as i tried it today, and i love it..

i come up with my own understanding that it is good to have an acid fruit to help you start your day,
and then try to find fresh fruit juice (no preservatives) that can give you a fuller sensation
*yes, definitely need this, otherwise i'll be all death for the rest of the day*
and a light but again, fresh fruit juice for dinner..

one thing to note:
all fruits need to be fresh,
and by fresh i mean, quickly cut it into smaller pieces,
blend it using the juicer,
and drink it asap..

apparenly it says that if you leave fruits for quite some time, it will loose its anti oxidant

another thing is that i need to make sure to keep drinking enough water throughout the day

so, first day?
3/4 glass of warm water and fresh lemon squeeze

700ml fresh fruit juice
: apple, pineaple, grapefruit and orange

700ml fresh fruit juice
: cherry, strawberry, apple

am starving..
images from here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

tuesday: when the week starts for me

yes, i start my week on Tuesday because this is when my first tutorial is..
and i feel like i've had enough fun lately,
means: i need to get myself to start working on something more serious, seriously~

oh yeah, detox starts tomorrow, so later i will do some fruit shoppings,
and some proper dinner for tonight,
keeping my mind happy before tomorrow,
then what else?

hm, i need to get rid of this world cup theme asap,
its just so not happening anymore,
start browsing start browsing..

then, hopefully i can get home in time for "Home and Away"
a TV series that i randomly watched before,
and now am kind of addicted to it..
not that am saying this is a good series,
but its just so easy to understand,
not too much thinking for such an entertainment,
*which exactly what i expect for a mind refreshment*

note for the day:
be positive,
and gentle

Monday, August 2, 2010

AJ Rafael - Jenny Suk

and a nice video to start this month,
1234/Best I Ever Had by AJ Rafael and his GF..

My friend showed me this video, and I love it
he told me that this video actually got two songs combined together,
and funny thing is, one is a pop song and another one is a rap song..

see the good work here?
bravo to AJ Rafael and Jenny Suk

welcoming August, welcoming detox

Yay, its August... I dont know whats with all of the excitements here..
But one thing i know, the anniversary is ON =)
besides, I want to try something new every month starting from now on..
and thats a long way to go, till i got tired of trying different things..

anyway, what about August?
I want to get my detox done, and by posting it here, means: i have to have it done~

Oh yea, i suppose to have it by the end of last month, but lets say July did not treat me very well?

Anyway, I have decided to do my detox starting from this Wednesday to Friday the 6th..
I want it to be done by the weekend since its going to be a special one.. =)
and I can not start today, because I have a dinner plan with a friend already..
*and part of me just does not want to skip it*

so, its going to be my first "three days liquid detox"
i read it in one of the free magazine somewhere quite a long time ago already..
as far as I can understand, liquid detox will help to eliminate all solid foods from your tummy for a limited time and replace them with the fluids. this way, your tummy will have the chance to focus on getting rid of the body toxins while not being continually overloaded with solid food to process.. which makes sense to me..

i did a lil bit of research here and there,
about whether i need to stick to water only (as water is the best liquid towards ur body intoxinating process) or juice and tea (as it still provide u with a lil bit of energy and calories, which will help me to stay fit during the day)
and this is what i come up with as my liquid detox program:

1. Early in the morning: A glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice
Apparently it boost ur energy and is the most popular suggestion to starts ur day in doign a liquid detox program. Besides I know that fresh lemon is good for my tummy, especially as i am an AB blood type.

2. Lunch time: A glass of fruit juice with high antioxidants (might be citrus, blueberries, acai berries, passion fruit and strawberries)
This will be the biggest energy consumption for the program, so I better have it on time before i feel dizzy or headache. I also need to note to buy as fresh as possible juice, no preservatives, and if possible no sugar.
Wow, it sounds hard already?

3. Dinner time: Smaller portion of fruit juice and A glass or herbal tea before bed
Again, no sugar, no preservatives.
And, water water water in between,
plus some herbal tea just in case i got so fucked up with water during the day =)

Wish me luck~

Images by lou