Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flying back to Indonesia and HAPPY easter

So, my flight is tomorrow, very early in the morning,
and so far the plan is good,
and things have been going well..

Check list:
1. Presents for my lil sis -- done
2. Cooking paste for my mom -- done
3. Banking matters -- done
4. Packing -- done
5. Organize airport transport for tomorrow -- eeeerrmm

The plan so far,
I will spend the night at my friends house in city,
which whom will fly with me tomorrow,
so we will get there together..
hopefully things will go right, and

"Happy Easter everyone"

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Lil Sis HOLLY

Today is her 17th bday,
consider as mature enough in Indonesia,
you can say her legal now..
This is also why I decided to go back to Semarang this easter break,
to celebrate her bday..

So, happy bday lil sis..
U know I wish u the very best in life..

Kedutan dan Arti nya

This one I can not write in English, since i dont know what exactly will people called "kedutan".
So, Indonesian Post!

Sudah 5hari ini kedutan di mata kanan bagian bawah, constantly, bahkan begitu bangun langsung keinget lagi gara-gara sudah kedutan lagi.
Pertama kirain mungkin kecapean, or mata kemasukan debu. Tapi makin lama ga ilang-ilang, jadi penasaran deh.. so this is what I got:

1. Kedutan di ubun-ubun kepala : Akan mendapatkan kebahagiaan.

2. Kedutan pada bagian kepala sebelan kanan : Akan sakit.

3. Kedutan pada bagian kepala sebelah kiri : Akan mendapatkan kemuliaan.

4. Kedutan pada seluruh kepala : Akan melihat yang aneh-aneh atau ajal sudah dekat.

5. Kedutan pada dahi : Akan mendapat harta atau ilmu pengetahuan.

6. Kedutan pada tengkuk : Akan dicintai orang kaya.

7. Kedutan pada alis mata kanan : Akan berbahagia, tetapi terlebih dahulu mendapat kesusahan.

8. Kedutan pada kelopak mata kanan atas : Akan mendapat keuntungan.

9. Kedutan pada alis mata kiri : Akan bertemu dengan seseorang.

10. Keduatan pada kelopak mata kiri atas : Akan bertemu dengan kekasih/calon kekasih.

11. Kedutan pada kelopak mata kanan bawah : Akan bersedih.

12. Kedutan pada kelopak mata kiri bawah : Akan bersedih hati juga.

13. Keduatan pada ekor mata kanan sebelah atas : Akan sembuh dari sakit.

14. Kedutan pada ekor mata kiri sebelah atas : Akan bertemu keluarga jauh.

15. Kedutan pada ekor mata sebelah kanan bawah : Akan bertemu orang jauh.

16. Kedutan pada ekor mata sebelah kiri bawah : Akan sakit.

17. Kedutan pada biji mata kanan : Akan bersedih hati.

18. Kedutan pada biji mata kiri : Akan bersuka cita.

19. Kedutan pada sekujur hidung : Akan mencium kekasih.

20. Kedutan pada hidung sebelah kanan : Akan lepas dari penyakit.

21. Kedutan pada hidung sebelah kiri : Akan tercapai cita-cita.

22. Kedutan pada pelipis sebelah kanan : Akan mendapatkan kesukaran, kematian dan sebagainya.

23. Kedutan pada pelipis sebelah kiri : Akan mendapatkan ketenangan hati.

24. Kedutan pada telinga sebelah kanan : Akan mendapatkan khabar yang menyenangkan hati.

25. Kedutan pada telinga sebelah kiri : Akan kedatangan keluarga jauh.

link here

quite surprising isn't it?
mine is "akan bertemu orang jauh"

Monday, March 29, 2010


I am so jealous looking at my housemate now,
she got her mom to come over for around 2weeks here,
it was just this morning when she arrived,
now, everything is so clean in my house,
she even wiped our clingwrap packaging since it got so many dust on it..

me myself will fly back to indo in couple of days,
but i need my mom NOW,
i feel like my brain is not working so right lately,
my body isnt helping either,
i got severe laziness
and i dont think any kind of medicine can help me out
except my mom,

i want her here,
not me going there,
but she's flying here,

i want this for my very special

i've known this hot air ballooning from a long time ago,
but never been as desperate before,
i guess im all in the mood for such a romance, hahaha~

the first time i start to envy this hot air ballooning flight was when a friend of mine told me the story about how her sister got purposed,
yes yes yes as u can guess,
i'll still write down the story anyway,
this is as much as i can remember, haha

very early in the morning,
my friends sister suddenly got a call from her BF
he said "get down now honey, we got things to do"
she said "what business could it be? its so early in the morning"
it was like 4am that day
he said "bring your jacket, get urself warm, im downstairs already, waiting for u"
so she get ready really quickly with her coat and quickly get down
he brought her somewhere in East Melbourne and
*boom* she realized where he brought her to
a balloon flights, with not more than 10 persons on it
once they got up there, the view was awesome and they can feel the warm from the sunrise,
and that is when he proposed,
"will you marry me?"

Oh My God,
i am dying..

today, i browse over the internet,
and MY BELOVED ones

and I dont care how what who ever get it,
before me myself have it,
i will be so jealous,
i might hate them as well
so dont u dare take it away from me
*too much drama*

anyway, i really want this
really really really want this
(*as if u wont get it)

Global Ballooning in Melbourne and Yarra Valley check this out peeps

f1 Melbourne is So Much Fun

So, yesterday was a really fun day,
a bit of raining bothers me (shouldve bring a rain coat instead of umbrella)
but otherwise its a big fun..
I want to put up pictures from the race but I realized its all in my friends' camera,
the only thing that I got is these..
we got the pics earlier before the race started from gate8,
btw we get in from gate8 and decided to move to get 4, by walk,
and it is not a short walk (believe me!)

So, this pics was taken from and

and a link to the press conference news

Grand Prix of Australia - Formula 1

Life is not so easy lately,
there are too many drama happening..
but above all, I just went to the formula1 racing in Albert Park yesterday,
and my $68 ticket is a real worth to buy

Some of my friends believed that this might be the last time Melbourne having formula1 since the not so well organized transport system and stuff..
I feel that Australia is getting more crammed, I have been living in Melbourne for almost 4years now and I can feel the difference..
I dont know how big is the comparison between immigrants and original Australians here, but Im pretty sure its getting bigger and bigger (*maybe it is 50-50?)

we got in Albert Park around 3.30pm and the race is not yet to start until 5pm,
there were a lot of other races (mini and v8 cars race) at noon but I did not manage to get there early (*late late late)
this race is quite special knowing the comeback of Michael Schumacher to f1 just recently,
but until the end of the race, he is not making so much spectacular acts

Here is the classification position on Saturday (27/03):
1. S Vettel for Red Bull
2. M Weber for Red Bull
3. F Alonso for Ferrari
4. J Button for McLaren
5. F Massa for Ferrari
6. N Rossberg for Mercedes GP
7. M Schumacher for Mercedes GP
8. R Barrichello for Williams
9. R Kubica for Renault
10. A Sutil for Force India F1
11. L Hamilton for McLaren
12. S Buemi for Scuderia Toro Rosso
13. V Liuzzi for Force India F1
14. P de la Rosa for Sauber
15. N Hulkenberg for Williams
16. K Kobayashi for Sauber
17. J Alguersuari for Scuderia Toro Rosso
18. V Petrov for Renault
19. H Kovalainen for Lotus F1
20. J Trulli for Lotus F1
21. T Glock for Virgin Racing
22. L Di Grassi for Virgin Racing

and the final result on Sunday (28/03):
1. J Button for McLaren
2. R Kubica for Renault
3. F Massa for Ferrari
4. F Alonso for Ferrari
5. N Rossberg for Mercedes GP
6. L Hamilton for McLar
7. V Liuzzi for Force India F1
8. R Barrichello for Williams
9. M Weber for Red Bull
10. M Schumacher for Mercedes GP
11. J Alguersuari for Scuderia Toro Rosso
12. P de la Rosa for Sauber
13. H Kovalainen for Lotus F1
14. Chandhok for HRT F1
. T Glock for Virgin Racing
. L Di Grassi for Virgin Racing
. S Vettel for Red Bull
. A Sutil for Force India F1
. V Petrov for Renault
. Senna for HRT F1
. S Buemi for Scuderia Toro Rosso
. N Hulkenberg for Williams
. K Kobayashi for Sauber
. J Trulli for Lotus F1

Saturday, March 27, 2010


its a hectic week,
i feel like i am an old lady already,
i dont feel like sleeping too late,
i dont feel like hanging out when night come,
i feel like cooking at home most of the time,
i feel like watching TV at night is fun,
GEEZ what am I?

Recap of this week activities:
Monday: Movies and Bowling (I cancelled Bowling though)
Tuesday: Friends Housewarming - BBQ
Wednesday: GAGA monster Ball
Thursday: IT Reunion Dinner @ City
Friday: Old Friends Chadstone Day
Saturday:Badminton in Sport Centre
Sunday: F1 @ Albert Park, Melbourne

Isnt that tiring? Or am I really turning in to an old lady already, haishhh~

PS: Its been a good week for my bf, Erick. He got a very super fun cruise board, and a new mobile phone for free at the same day (BB Onyx yay!! Finally he's on BB world now)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Break Getaway

Got my ticket this time for not a very cheap price at all..
I will be away for 11days, with a lot of things going on,
and the biggest event will be my sister's 17th celebration,
so here they are....
1. flight
2. Bandung trip
3. Friends wedding
4. Friends reunion
5. Easter Celebration
6. Semarang trip
7. Dress fitting
8. Final party checklist
9. Sweet 17th party (1)
10. Sweet 17th party (2) and Daddy's business gathering
11. flight
12. back to Melboure and reality =)

work work work it baby~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Semi Precious Weapon envy GAGA

He said that the first time he get in a show with Lady Gaga, there were only 12 people there

Gaga's Monster Ball in Melbourne

I got this ticket since last year, around November maybe, and the date was not until 24th March, tonite.. what a long wait
We get there quite early since I lost my ticket, so I have to get a new replacement ticket at the counter, and get some drinks inside the building already. Its in Rod Laver Arena btw, the place where Australian Open was held before as well
The concert supposed to start at 7.30 with "special" guest which turns out to be Semi Precious Weapon from NY*motherfuckin*C, as they mentioned.. lol

The Lady get to start her performance from around 8.30 i guess till 10.30 (i dont give a f**king shit on the time at that time, is what Semi Precious Weapon would say)..
No words can describe it as good as picture..
so lets the picture do the talking =))
(*courtesy to Ivan Yang for his pics)

Hanacaraka - brief history

Have you guys ever heard about “Hanacaraka”?
I am being so random and suddenly this Hanacaraka is bothering me a lot.
So what is it?

Hanacaraka is a Java letter which was made known by the ancient Javanese society. Some people said that Hanacarake was originated from Northern India, which is why a lot of people think that it looking really similar to those Indian writing. Hanacaraka letter consists of 20 letters, and often referred as "script legana" or in Indonesian called naked letters (alphabet = letters, legana = naked).

HaNaCaRaKa Script
Interestingly this letter in its standard order if spoken actually means, this pronunciation

hana, caraka
data, sawala
padha jayanya maga bathanga.

which literally in Java means:
"There's followers (soldiers) whom are contradictory (different opinions), with equal power they die".

A more complete version of the legend said:
In ancient times there was a king who has devoted 2 people, they are both very powerful bodyguard. Due to turmoil in his kingdom, one day the king called one of his bodyguards and left a “Keris (ancient magically powerful weapon)” at him and told "Go take this, and do not give it to anyone other than me".
After few years, the king has summoned his other faithful bodyguard to take the Keris back to him. So the guards had departed and met with his friend, when he asked his friend, he was reminded of the king's message, that anyone other than the King should not be having that Keris ever. So both bodyguards fight defending their loyalty to the King. For their equal power the fight has ended with both guards died.
Knowing this, the King regretted his act and said "hana (ana) caraka, data sawala padha jayanya maga bathanga "

Back to Java script, there are also some legana characters other than letters called "sandangan". In Indonesian “sandangan” means clothing. The letter was to made “sandangan” basic letters more varied, which in Indonesian can be equated with a consonant.


Example (see above)
given “wulu” it will turn into: hi ni ci ri ki

In addition there are also many other kinds of characters (like numbers, punctuation, etc.) that make Hanacaraka letters can be used as a means of writing. In Indonesia, some cities like Jogjakarta and Surakarta used it in the street’s name writing.

I know this is not a very complete article but hopefully it can add some benefit to the knowledge of Indonesian’s culture.
happy lalalala~

Monday, March 22, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 - 27March

Ever heard of Earth Hour?
Earth Hour 2010 is set to be the best yet, but it all depends on you getting involved and spreading the message that you are committed to the future.

Earth Hour 2010 will takes place on 27th March, at 8:30 local time, all around the world. I blogged it up not only because I care for the world, our world, but also to help spreading out the message.

Together we can make a difference =) and Earth Hour works best when we all get involved.

3 Steps to get involved
*Join Earth Hour
Sign up now to become part of the Earth Hour movement, add yourself to the map and receive email updates with all the latest Earth Hour news.
*Show your support
Whether you are an individual a business a school or a city you can show your support by turning off your lights for Earth Hour, 8.30PM Saturday 27 March 2010. Check out the other ways that you can show your support.
*Spread the word
Get the word out about Earth Hour by working your social network for the planet. Add an Earth Hour banner to your blog, tag your tweets @earthhour or update your Facebook status to tell your friends that you’re supporting Earth Hour 2010
(*taken from

Friday, March 19, 2010

The French Brasserie - Fine Dining Review

So, we finally got there and YES the place is not that easy to find if u just go over the streets by car. Lucky us we end up finding a car park which is just couple of metres away from the restaurant.

My first impression of the place:
quite small place, but big enough to keep the staff busy at all time
enviroment was good, service was awesome and even though we didn't drink but the bar looks quite nice and they sure have great selections of wines (*you can tell from the menu where it says "ask our staff for matching wines for your meal)

It was silly since we supposed to get there by8 and there were 6 of us, but the time was 8.20 when there were only 3 of us. So we decided to order some appetizers while waiting. It took about 15mins for them before the entry was ready and my friends has all come by then.
So, here comes the food
start with my appetizers, St Jacques - scallop with orange dressing
the presentation of the food is so details, and the white salt rocks underneath makes it looks really pretty and appealing

Bebe Calamars - which i thought supposed to be some kind of onion rings at first
this one is really nice but surely makes you feel a little too full for such an appetizers (*at least for me)

The last appetizers we ordered was the French Platter, Charcuterie which also nice but i didn't got to take a pic of it

These are the main course we ordered,
i got myself a medium-rare yearling eye fillet
im liking it except that some of the outer part was slightly burned, but besides it is a really nice eye fillet

a victorian rabbit made special for my friend
(*i dont have a taste of it at all, i dont eat rabbit)

Poulet al Americane, chicken breast with leeks and seasonings
is very tender and the sauce taste good

wagyu beef, which turns out to be a very large meal
*this is Ivan's meal

and crispy lamb which turns out to be my favorite actually for that nite
*and Regina's

So, overall the sixth of us liking this restaurants and a comeback next time is a yes

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The French Brasserie - Fine Dining

A friend of mine who apparently got addicted to "high-end life style" a lil bit too much (*I said this knowing none of us are working atm), have succesfully persuaded me and my friends to go and have again, an apparently what so called "fine"-dining at The French Brasserie.

Not that this is the first time he asked us to go to this kind of restaurants, but the way he invited us all always trigger something inside me. So I google it and try to find reviews of the restaurant.
So, this is what I got..

The French Brasserie
* 2 Malthouse La
* Melbourne 3000 VIC
* Phone: (03) 9662 1632

The French Brasserie has taken over the lease of the place where The Italian left off to move to a larger location. There is no doubt of the authenticity of the restaurant, where Hadj Sadki a French-born restaurateur teamed up with Frederic Naud, a French chef.

Based on the reviews, French Brasserie offers a relaxing sanctuary at the top-end of town. Soaring ceilings and vast glass expanses achieve a chic contemporary atmosphere. Internationally renowned chief, Frederic Naud previously of Le Cirque New York creates everything in house, producing innovative, modern French cuisine (*

An interesting fact:
There is a scene from Wall Street, where Michael Douglas is sitting at a famous restaurant near his office block.
Yes yes, the restaurant's chef on that scene is the very same that works here at the French Brasserie. His motto is simple: good food and good service at an affordable price and the venue delivers on all accounts.

haha i wont ruin the fun for tomorrow night, so I decided not to go through their menu (*even though it is available from their website) until tomorrow..
So, will update again later~ ciao