Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let's Call It "A Year to Remember"

Oh my, its been a while since my last time. This work life thing might has change the way I look at stuff a lot. Well, lets see what I can say here.

Its been almost 2weeks since my first day at work, and I've already calling for sick on my 4th day. I woke up that morning with severe runny nose but I am so persistent not to take my Telfast right away. I want to be like Erick, who always says he can handle it with a lil passion and body immune. Big no no, it was not going any better and I decided not to go to work. Well, part of me said to force myself to go to work, since i know it will get better anw, but the other half is way too strong. As you all can guess. =) Anw, the next day I get back to work and all of sudden my job becomes a lot more fun. Coincidence?

So, what am I doing for living now? Thats always is the question, isnt it?
I worked in MoonePonds, 14mins train from the city (not so bad actually), in Toll Global Forwarding, and my role is a business analyst. I was so happy with this role, because this is what i want for so long already. Turns out it was not an easy job. Actually its quite easy if i have all the resources ready for me, but my colleague is such a big believer in "learning on your own" kind of thing. She forced me to re-create all scripts by myself and comes up with my own ERD. Which is good so far, but i feel like am learning in a slow mode. Am i being fuzzy here?

As far as i know, if everyone comes to work at my office, there should be 12 of us (including the other new girl that will start to work on the early Jan as well). It is not that much people, isnt it? And i think it kind of make the working environment really effective and warm. But scary as well, cause there will be no slacking around at all. We all know each other. Apparently they "kid" around a lot during work hour. My manager is such a funny guy. Ops, need to mention he got us box of chocolate for our xmas present. What a nice guy. =)
I think enough about work for now?

Life seems to be less colourful when you start working.
At least thats what my friend told me.
So far, I can say it is partly true. I feel like on my working days, I'll be longing for weekend. Planning things to do and where to go to eat. While on my weekends, i'll be thinking what to do next at work.

Btw, we did the Christmas Potluck. And it was a really merry one. Everyone's having fun. We laughed and ate a lot. Most of us should feel overfull. We played nice games. Listen to nice songs. I had a great fun. =)
See whats next for New Year...

I guess enough for now, until i see you again blogger.. hopefully there will be another update before new year..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Buble - Hollywood

Could you be a teenage idol
Could you be a movie star
When l turn on my tv
Will you smile and wave at me telling Oparah who you are.
So you want to be a rock star
With blue eyed bunny’s in your bed
Well remember when you’re rich that you sold yourself for this, you’ll be famous cuz you’re dead.

So don’t go higher for desire
Put it in your head
Baby Hollywood is dead you can find it in yourself.

I don’t want to take you dancing
When you’re dancing with the world
Well You can flash your caviar and your million dollar car
I don’t need that kind of girl
but you could be that next sensation or will you set the latest style
You don’t need a catchy song
Cuz the kids will sing along
When you shoot it with a smile

So don’t go higher for desire
Put it in your head
Baby Hollywood is dead you can find it in yourself.

So don’t fly higher for your fire
Put it in your head
Baby Hollywood is dead you can find it in yourself.
Keep it on your head Hollywood is dead.

Well you can do the mighty tango
You can start your little thing
You can swing from vine to vine
While the kiddies wait in line
With the money in their hands
But if you get to California
Save a piece of gold for me
If it’s the only thing you save
Then I’ll bet you’ll never wave when I watch you on tv.

So don’t go higher for desire
Put it in your head
Baby Hollywood is dead you can find it in yourself.

So don’t fly higher for your fire
Put it in your head
Baby Hollywood is dead you can find it in yourself.

Keep on loving what is true and the world will come to you, you can find it in yourself

Love what is true and the world will come to you, you can find it in yourself
No no no no no
Keep it in your head Hollywood is dead
Come come Hollywood is dead babe woo hoo
Oh Hollywood is dead yeah yeah
Keep on loving what is true and the world will come to you, you can find it in yourself
Get it in your head Hollywood is dead

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bikram Yoga

Its been a while since my last post, and i feel bad about it. Im not busy, Im not in a bad mood and I havent even started working. Im actually is a free bird atm. Btw, apparently the police check for my work requirement might take a while since i only got one name, without a last name. I know, geezz, not again.. what a bugger - i will definitely give my kids a surname regardless i have none.

The good point is? I feel really fresh today eventhough the weather is a bit gloomy, with heavy rain pouring on my way back from my first yoga class. Yes yes yes, I said my first yoga class.. And thats most probably what makes me feel so fresh. I saw an ads in the road couple of days before and I wrote down the number in my phone. I was busy doing nothing at my friends place (*see? how free i am) when I suddenly remember that ads again. So, I decided that I want to try those bikram yoga class. It is cheap I guess, its only $20 for beginners and its valid for 10 consecutive days. So I figure I might give it a try, and once I feel good about it I can just come for the next 9days, or not. Hahaha

My impression? Oh gosh, I never expect to be this exhausted at first. The class runs for 90mins, and I start to rumble after 45mins. But my bikram teacher said that it is common, and that I need to keep on coming for the next days (*ofcourse she'll say that) until I get used to the heat in the room. She said only then I can start following the bikram positions fully.

Well, but that kind of makes sense because this is a bikram yoga, which means the class is a pre-heated room with minimum of 39degree. You can google a lot of article about different yoga types, but the most popular are hatha and bikram. Hatha yoga is the slower kind of yoga that gives you soothing feeling, usually with a bit of meditation. While bikram requires you to finish the 26 different positions to stretch your body and muscles, let your body sweat (really sweaty, this is why we are required to bring towel to be put above the yoga mat) and focus on your breathing.

I feel silly for not being able to complete the whole class, but I forced myself not to go out from the room until the end of the class. That way my bikram teacher said I will get used to the heat faster. Im not sure if Im going to come again tomorrow, but I really like it. Im also thinking to give myself a try for some Hatha next time.
These are the positions for bikram, and let me tell you, it is not that easy, and people are sweating like hell.

Pic from here

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sorry if you think this video is superb.. but i dont think so..

You seriously need to click on this link to understand.. This video was made with the hope for Australia to boost its chance to win the bid for 2022 World Cup..

My comment..?
What the heck? Whats wrong with giving an image that stealing the cup and run it all across Australia is allright? I understand that the goal of the video is to show how passionate Australia to win this bid and how wonderful it will be. But, making Australian dream comes true by stealing it at the first place? I dont think so.

I did the poll on The Age from the related article that says "Will the surfing kangaroo video boost our chances of winning the role of 2022 World Cup host country?"
Yes (33%)
No (67%)

There you go Gillard, how could you even involve in the video itself here..
I just dont understand..