Thursday, December 10, 2009

Short Edgy Hair

I just got my hair cut and curled permanently, and it kind of trigger something inside my head to be a more "edgy" kind of person.. I've been living with long black hair for 20 years now, and i am bored.. Poor me, none of my colleague, including my bf and mom said no for short hair.. EVER!

So, for now, i decided to just go over some websites and populate these chic edgy hair styles.. Maybe someday i will really do it, maybe..

these are the sites i referenced it from:

Start with my fave, vic beck.. =)

and some other black short hair

*i am thinking to do it next year, to show my maturity and readiness for my career era or stuff.. lets say, it might be around next mid year.. so, just wait and see..

Friday, December 4, 2009


Today 23.00pm dec"EM"ber 3, 2009 s"EM"arang time

We chat
we fight,

We talk
we cry,

I though we had such a great talk
and such a great "heart to heart" sharing,
But now am not sure

Can a guy change in like seconds?
Can a guy ever really cry?
Can a guy fake his voice, just to make it sounds heavy?

Can a guy ever really care?
Can a guy hurt a girl's heart?
a guy like HIM

i HATE him,
i MISS him,
i WANT him,
i guess thats conclude me to,
i LOVE him
still, and always...

"ever thine ever mine ever ours" - Ludwig van Beethoven