Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Try to find a HOME not a HOUSE

Oh My,
its 18th of June already,
means I got 12 days only to pack and move to city..

the problem?
I dont know where to go just yet..
A friend of mine told me that finding apartment is an "easy but hard" to get kind of thing..
When you got enough time, you'll be picky,
but you have to remember,
at the end, you might run out of time,
and end up having a so-so apartment only..
which is not what I want..

my defense?
i want to live in a place where i can feel like being home,
not just some random place to live..
i want a home, not house..
... i wish I know where I'll be moving to..

today will be another inspectionSS day,
and I wanted to be effective..
this time the apartment will be all around South Bank,
and yes I know, there will be hell lot of Indonesians there..
* which I dont know suppose to be good or bad *

and as always,
this one is my favorite so far..
I know this apartment is still new,
and thats what I like about it =)
hope this one will suits us best *finger cross*


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