Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Invitation Letter

I am so excited!
Im so believing that JUNE give me good good LUCK...
I can't stop counting my joy this month, and its only been the first day of JUNE..

1. I managed to stick to my plan regarding healthy life healthy food.. or at least im getting better =)
2. I got all of my quizes mark back, and none of them is below 8 out of 10
3. I get in touch with an old friend, and I really happy about it.. PS. She is getting married, wow...
4. I can tell that Erick, my BF, got his injury recover faster than he thought it will be
5. I am back to enjoy my cooking time again, and I feel that its a good sign since I safe quite a lot of money from it..
6. LAST but DEFINITELY not LEAST, i will be having some fun visitor from Indonesia this mid year.. *it is not fully confirm yet, but it is definitely is not a joke

So, I got to make her an invitation letter for her visa requirement.. She told me to make one for her and send it ASAP, and I wanted to do so.. but I do not know how to make that letter.. Ofcourse I've "google" it, but still it results in big zero.. This is the first time that I actually got disappointed by Google.. I've asked for a sample letter from the travel agent, but they said they dont have one *BULLSHIT*

Anyway, I managed to make one myself.. Im pretty sure I've covered most of the thing that they require to be included.. Here is the check list
1. name of the visa applicant
2. name of the person who invite the applicant
3. address of the person who invite the applicant
4. statement that the applicant will be staying at the person's place who give the invitation
5. statement that the applicant is guarantee not to do anything else forbidden by the visa and immigration law
and I decided to post it here, just in case anyone need it,
and just in case I need it again


Melbourne, 2 June 2010

Visa Section
Embassy of Australia
in Jakarta

I hereby,
Name: “person who invite”
Phone no: “contact no of person who invite”
Address: “complete address of person who invite”

confirm that I invite “name of the visa applicant” to come and visit me to Australia during the holiday for “... how long he/she intended to stay” weeks time. For the time he/she spends in Australia, he/she will be staying at my place in the stated address above.

I will be responsible for his/her accommodation and any other supervision to ensure that he/she does not engage in activities other than those permitted in her visa eligibility during her visit.

Your consideration of granting her visitor visa is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

“person who invite + signature”


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