Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just For ~ f u n

Quite some time ago,
my BF has finally finished his web prototype,
and the boys has decided to move on to the final steps..
finishing touch..

Apparently the client,
wanted them to change the pictures with new ones,
and asking for their helps..
aaaa this uni project really has no clear boundaries..

but, luckily,
Edgar was more than happy to do the photo shoot,
and he also got one of his professional friend to do it together..
guess whose the models?

yup yup yup,
me, Erick, Lian, Dilshan, basically everyone..
just for fun, i wanted to put the pictures here..
Good Job Edgar,
and also James - if im not wrong (*James Eloc)

anyway, here is the website Melbourne Driving School
and I got my FULL Australian License with them as well..


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