Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sex and The City 2 - review

I went to the moive tonight,
guess what movie we watched?

its cute how they make it SATC2 as if its a new term happening or something..

Anyway, my very own review of the movie?
I have to admit when the movie ended, all of us was turning around to each other and said it was 'great' , nothing like 'awesome' or something..
One of my friend did laugh really hard at some point in the movie, but i would just discard that since he is not into SATC at all since the very first beginning..

So, my opinion?
You know how when a movie is really happening and people are talking about it over and over.. It makes you dont want to be different.. it somehow makes people not capable enough to say what they really feel inside..
I think the movie is just OK, I also don't think we were ready to admit that the movie was possibly actually is a big disappointment.. Let me say, people had all looked forward to the movie – none of use could ever admit that it was awful in some way... haha

Anyway, o v e r a l l... I still love Carrie, I still adore Charlotte, I still respect Miranda and I still enjoy Samantha..
and I will still continue my watching of the previous series..


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