Thursday, June 3, 2010

i like : these

This is a random post,
showing all of my favorite preference hobby interest..
whatever it is that can make me smile happy or comfortable enough..

1. brown bronze gold creme ivorywhite - whatever you call it, this is my palette
2. jazz preferable
3. classic over funky
4. coffee is great, tea is the best - i got a little less consistent with this one sometimes
5. hate cats, love dogs
6. no fruity perfumes, not even for summer
7. quality, not quantity
8. prefer calling over texting
9. virgo perfectionist over-organized
10. PC over notebook
11. asian food over westerns
12. dancing - singing
13. curly hair
14. shoes shoes shoes
15. bags bags bags
16. no curry, no capsicum, no ginger, hate clams
17. chocolate ice cream
18. strawberry over cherry
19. movies: drama over action
20. hair shower every two days
21. black / brunette hair
22. sparkling things
23. romantic
24. lily over rose
25. cookie over biscuit
26. australian favorite brand: country road
27. handbag favorite brand: Balenciaga, Chanel, LV
28. obsessed with shopping
29. love designer stufff
30. hate heights
31. TWILIGHT: edward over jacob
32. spoiled, but not a stuck up bitch about it
33. coke over pepsi
34. windows over mac
35. summer over winter
36. dark chocolate over milk chocolate
37. skinny jeans
38. acoustic over electric guitar sounds
39. facebook over myspace
40. strong eyes, soft lips


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