Friday, May 14, 2010

In the risk of being homeless

I love my BF, he is the one who will stand by me and motivate me whenever i fall and yesterday it is...
and yes, he stayed up all night long helping me by doing a program for my honours project.. and i love him more.. *falling*

Anyway, the apartment I put before was OK, but not so interesting compare to the other one that I inspect later that day..
this apartment located very close to my friends apartment and we got this little nice japanese restaurant infront of it.. it got 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms, 1carspace and the best part is that it is FURNISHED..!
i like this apartment (im scared to say im loving the apartment since many of my friends said that there are no need to be rush when u choose a place to live) but the only problem is that i need to get in asap.. lets say by 1st of june, i have to get the apartment under our name already..

while exam is coming,and my thesis is due very soon, i dont know if i should go for it or not.. and also, i havent got my third person to be my housemate..
i talked to my mom and she told me to apply if i really like it, but she told me to inspect heaps more of apartments.. dont get in a hurry that no one rushing to.. hhhh..

anyway, here is pics of the apartments..

and just a little something that lighten up my day..
FUN FUN FUN - Stop motion project by Mario Photographie
its a stop motion project from a friend of mine.. here is a link to his page..
*PS: the model in the videos is best friend of mine


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