Monday, May 10, 2010

Sex and The City 2

Doesn't it looks wow?
I went to the movie few days ago and yesterday, and I saw the trailer of Sex and The City 2. Argh im waiting for it now.., while watching the series version of it ofcourse =D

My image of the four characters:
In my opinion, I found Charlotte very sweet. She is living in a life where she thinks that she is the princess and that there is a charming prince out there and they will be happily married at the end.. It sounds good, but I found it boring and not realistic at all..
Miranda on the other hand, is the most real picture of reality I guess. There are a lot of womans out there who got life exactly like her. Even her appearances reflect majority of woman out there. Isnt she?
But anyway, Samantha is a bit over the bridge for me. She had this life who I can not believe someone I know might actually be. Maybe because I live in Melbourne, where life is not as wow as New York...!
Well, my fave is Carrie. She's just perfect for me and I love, I really do, love her hair.. From the very first season up till now.. I even think that her first season "christmas tree" hair is amazing..

All pics taken from here, here, here, here, and here,
haha lets see if those hair can actually fit my personalities and face shape


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