Wednesday, May 26, 2010

on Chadstone VIP day

I love my life.. I love my family.. I love my friends... and I love my BF..
I got a very long and fun chat with my bestfriend here in Melbourne, Marcia last night, and we both ended up sleeping at 3.30AM.. What a record for me, knowing my lately life time schedule with early sleep and early wake up time.. Thank you cia... =D

Anyway, I woke up this morning (yup, morning, 9.45am) because my mom called.. the conversation was quite fun, made me fully awake.. so i decided to take a shower, clean up my room a bit and then my other friend, Tommy woke up and asked me to accompany him to city.. and my point is..... "I STILL LOVE MY LIFE"

end of the day, i went to chadstone for AGAIN another VIP day without any plan to buy anything and any plan to meet anyone.. I felt so tired but still happy, until I found this one dress accidently in SUPRE, and I decided to wear it for my friends bday dinner tomorrow night.. anyway, might be using my boot from last TONY BIANCO sale (*what am i now, SALE girl??? hahaha)

luv luv luv my life...


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