Saturday, May 22, 2010

When winter is coming to town..

Few facts about myself lately:
1. Non stop fatty, creamy, "gluten-y", "junk-y" food fed into my boddy
2. Resulting in severe soar throat
3. Drinking way too much Lo Han Kuo (the most powerful soar throat medicine ever)
4. Having trouble going to the toilet regularly
5. End up gaining almost 2kg in less than 10days
that is what winter can do to me... really, hey you winter, i just realized how powerful u are..

Anyway, i want to start being a good girl.. Oh yes, i always said that.. But really, this time, i really want to do it.. i want to be an expert in time management, team work, being a solid friend and girl friend, polite, and loveable.. JESUS CHRIST, AMEN...!

and the plan is:
1. healthy food and drink only! water, juice, milk, tea, and coffee
2. being positive, +++++, positive, +++++
3. being nice, cheerful, and p o l i t e
4. being responsible and diligent
5. exercise more (*how happy my BF will be if he actually read it..)
6. pray more

live a life with laugh and peace, and u'll be fine

fine, this is a short post only.. but it means a lot if i can make it.. really.. so pray for me you guys =)


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