Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shopping Temptation - Typo

So, I went to Chadstone anyway yesterday,
but my intention was not to shop, or at least not for myself..
My friend and I went to Chadstone to buy a present for my other friend who will graduate tonight..
The present im referring to is a pair of jeans, to be specific, Ksubi Jeans
and this VIP event might give 15% - 20% at least discount =)

First time we get there,
straight to the shop - General Pants Co
*check the style, the price, and the size
we did check to the other store that might have the same jeans, but apparently they dont sell Ksubi at all..

then here we go,
get some lunch,
walking around,
and end up in Supre since it rarely gives you 20% off on VIP party,
and Cotton On since it gives you 30% off (which is quite big) for new signing up on that day..

as i said before,
nothing interest me in particular,
so i just keep browsing and browsing around,
until i got to the "Typo" section..
i love Typo,
they sell simple, vintage, conceptual stuff (*choose two minimum, for every single product that they sell),
which I like =)
and since in this Typo is located at Cotton On, it means I got to pay 30% less if I sign up,
so I quickly grab the stuff that I want and treat myself a lil pleasure

The flip clock has made my day, as its clean and simple design has been in my list of clock to hunt for in the last two months (*remember, stuff to buy for my new apartment?) This kind of clock is everywhere.. you can even get one as an iPhone app. Here's my Typo Flip Clock ($20, reduced to $12).

And a small lampion lamp, that I dont know how it supposed to look like when I decided to buy it. I just know that it should be nice and its 30% off. Turns out it supposed to be a decoration lamp in a christmas tree or something.. well, maybe I should get a pole or a shelfing unit where i can twist it around. My sweet red-pink lampion ($20, reduced to $12).

luv it so much


-JJ- 黄天龙 said...


yang lampion nya bisa di twist di atas gorden deket jendela mar, bagus juga, ato ditempel di dinding aja pake blutac :D

Maria said...

iya je..
aku malah lebih parah, beli rak di ikea, only so that i got something to twist the lampion around hahaha..

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