Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chadstone VIP Party - September 15 Offer

Ahh.. ya, finally get the sneak peak for tomorrow's VIP sale at Chadstone..
Am not so excited though,
was thinking to buy a new pair of jeans (since my housemate talked about it before) or maybe shoes and bags?
But am not so excited anymore..

I think its not a good time to spend money on things that I dont really need,
1. i dont really need to buy anything
2. i dont really want to buy anything
3. i dont really in the mood of shopping
4. i dont know when to go
5. i dont know who to go with
and i think its wiser of me if i just spend my day doing something else that i really need, really want, really in the mood of, and i can go and know who to go with ^^

here's some sneak peak for tomorrows offer


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