Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Permanent Residency of Australia

I dont want to talk about how stress i am atm with the situation of PR application,
mainly because I havent make my mine about how Im going to react regarding this,
and also because I want to focus on the positive, and
because my BF has successfully cheered me up and i dont want to disappoint him..
he also got me this certificate of permanent residency printed out to help me focus on being positive and trust that there's going to be a way..

i put this at the back of my bedroom door, so everynight i will see it and i'll be smiling..
he's so sweet =)


ivan89 said...

udh kluar mar? Congratz! :)

Maria said...

belom van, itu cuma erick bikin buat aku, biar ga BT soal PR lama proses nya hehe

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