Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello, September - let's put a smile on your face

This is September already, and I wish that everything will be better..
So, why not maken an effort by posting something that can cheer everybody up?
At least, these random stuff can put a smile on my face

1. cute toaster, you can write your message at the top of the toaster and then it will be toasted to your bread ~ aaa so cute

2. stabilo ads, very creative

3. "dont eat me", egg screamed

4. creative rejoice shampoo ads

5. poor rat, once trapped - he cant get away

6. euw.. you still want to wash your hand from it?

7. cute creative milk pour

8. look carefully, it's no magic chair

9. cute rug, with two egg yolks on it

10. cute XP and Sony PSP Console lunch box

11. someone keep on stealing your lunch? use this bag.. for sure no one will steal it from you

12. finally, read before you sleep, and dont worry about putting away your book anymore =D

*i got this pics from many webs and linkslong time ago already. and i have no idea the exact sources anymore. but am sure our Internet guru, Google has it =D*


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