Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you digital ready?

Why is Australia switching to digital TV?
Digital TV will give all Australians the opportunity to enjoy a better TV viewing experience. But that's not the only reason. - Australia Government Digital Switchover Taskforce

Most of the time, i always missed my favorite TV show. So, if I wanted to switch to digital, I will buy a set top box with a personal recorder, so I wont need to worry about missing my favorite show anymore..
Owh.. how technology make our life even more wonderful..

So, still deciding between these two set top box,
both has the ability to record the show,
but some has its pros and cons on itself..
one i found from Dick Smith, and another one from Kmart..

Pro's: Easy to use, simple design, good price, work with FAT32 and NTFS
Con's: Remote need to be pointed to the unit, can not record more than one chanel at a time
Price: AUD79

Pro's: Advance functionality, record more than one channel, can pause TV show and record it
Con's: Complicated, a bit expensive, work with FAT32 only
Price: AUD99.95


ivan89 said...

I'll go for the 2nd one, lol.

Maria said...

van... uda beli aku.. beli yang pertama jadian, soale lebih flexible buat safe2 video nya.. hehe.. sini maen rumah ku ntn 7mate, 7two, chanel 1, sbs two hahahah promosi aku malahan

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