Monday, October 4, 2010

What's on the list?

What's on the list now?
  1. My "not so little" sister is coming for her study
    She's still under 18, so she's not going to stay with me, instead she's going to stay with her guardian in the suburb called Balwyn..
    Her guardian is an Italy woman, seems like a nice lady, and the house is failry clean

  2. My parent will come for a visit, but the tour will start in New Zealand at the last week of this month
    Well, maybe i should put this list on next month instead..

  3. Job Hunting should carry on

  4. Waiting for another hope for my PR progress - fingercrossed

  5. This month means I will conclude my teaching period - not that I dont enjoy my tutoring though, i just feel happy for being able to deliver my role

  6. Erick's and Marcia's parent is coming for Graduation Ceremony on mid October

  7. A.K.A I will need to accompany Erick's parent as well

  8. A lil bit of shopping wont hurt
    My excuse: i dont have much attire left for summer, and most importantly I dont have a pair of sandals that I need..

I think that's long enough for now,
see how we goes as the time pass by..

ewh.. and btw, daylight saving starts already..
Happy October
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