Friday, October 8, 2010

Smokers: with Their Very Noble Sacrifice

I just read this post from Kaskus, the biggest Indonesian community site (they're claiming it, im not sure though), and it strikes me a bit.. and I just feel the urge to share it here..

I translate it into english.. and those are the reasons that I use on my highschool debate practice, where I have to say pro to smokers..
I think it makes sense, and I'll say everyone has the right to or not to smoke,
AS LONG AS they're following the rule of not smoking in areas such as school, hospital, etc etc
Well, I dont think smoking for pregnant woman should be allowed too..

Smokers : Willing to sacrifice their lungs, heart and soul for these reasons...
  1. Patch the state budget devisit by buying cigarettes with tax

  2. Feed the thousands of workers who work in the cigarette company, which mostly are lower class workers

  3. Feed the clove and tobacco farmers

  4. Donate money to music festivals for the pleasure of the nation

  5. Support autonomous regions through billboards on the streets

  6. Provide livelihood for the scavengers of cigarette butts

  7. Support ahstray entrepreneurs

  8. Support the advertising companies

Imagine if all people in Indonesia decided to quit smoking?
How many more problems our government will need to face?
This post is not for the intention to create any propaganda.


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