Monday, October 11, 2010

Mrs Spencer

The magic day of the year.. a lot of people get married on this day, including a friend of mine.. and im the bridesmaid.. how exciting is that?

Everything starts in the morning, with the make up thing, hair do, nice dress (btw, her father make the dress for her, everything is custom made from Hong Kong), pretty white bridal heels (she got it from Tony Bianco) and perfect weather..
The wedding is in Flemington Race Course, and it is a very pretty venue for a wedding..
or maybe it's because of the weather? or the sweet couple? or the pretty dresses?
well, anyway, we drive from her house to the venue at 3.25, and we arrive there at 3.50.. the funny thing is, Peter (the groom) is actually working in Flemington as a supervisor and thats explain how all of the staff are really friendly.. Brenda, which apparently is the one in charge for the day, told us that we're not suppose to be there yet, we're suppose to come a little late (she said its a tradition, so the groom will get nervous), and that we need to drive around first until the time says 4.15..

So we went back at 4.15 and everyone's there,
Peter looking extremely nervous, and tense..
He shake a bit on the part where he proclaim his vows.. and Amy not looking any more relax than Peter proclaim her vows word by word making it sounds really sweet as well..
Then they got to sign the paper, take pictures pictures pictures.., do the Chinese Tea Serving ceremony (Amy explained to Peter why she need to do that and whats the meaning of the ceremony; eventhough Peter is not Chinese, he decided that he want to do the same as well - which is sweetttt), and then the bridal's party followed with the photo session..
We all come to start the dinner party at 7ish.. or maybe 6.30? followed with the speech from Wayne (one of the bestman), and John (if im not wrong, Peter's daddy)..
Then its time for the first dance, followed by the bridesmaid and bestman, families, friends.. and it gets crazy.. I can tell Peter's family love to dance A LOT..

Amy got to stop the dance for a while, and do the flowers throwing thing (and no, i dont get the bouquet).. which really exciting.. and then Peter got to do the "crazy dance" to take a gutter from Amy's thigh (this is new for me, I dont know about this tradition before, but I like it..) and throw it to the single guys hoping to get a partner in life..
and everything concludes with the cake cutting, and everyone got to own the floor.. (guess who keep on dancing? Peter's mom!)

So, congratulations to you both..
I can see you two as a couple for a life time..
and keep on bringing the best from each other's out..
Happy to be part of your wedding Mrs Spencer =)


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