Monday, October 11, 2010

Very Fun Weekend

There's quite a lot going on last weekend.. and i must say i enjoy it a lot..
It's all started because last Friday was the 8th (and no matter what the month is, it means celebration)..
So, since me and Erick were both busy on Friday, we decided to postpone our day till Saturday, which again means I have to cancel (*and very sorry for it) the plan with the girls to find a present for my other friend's bday.. and also cancel on bringing my sister around in city and drag her to the church (*if she was not sick, she must be happy instead of being mad at me)

The weather was perfect, so we both walked around city, had nice lunch at one of our fave Vietnamese resto, and I asked him if he want to go on the river cruise thingy in Yarra River..

It was really nice, and I got to see a lot of new places.. plus I saw ads painted in the sky using the plane, saying "betstar mobile" ..and my river tour guide said it should cost you around $15k..
well, i personally think this is way too expensice, UNLESS it is for some special occassion like proposing?
nah, am joking, its way too expensive, and it fade away in less than 5minutes i guess..

We then walk around again, watch some street performance, drop by in a cute little Japanese shop - where everything is under $5 - so we get crazy and start to buy unimportant stuff, just like this heart shape speaker, and watch Melbourne Music show

At night we met our friends and watch "Eat Pray Love",
and Julie Roberts is stunning, as always..

I'll talk about my SUNday on the other post..
this is way too long already..


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