Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(another) Parent Visit

In less than a week time, my parent will come for a week visit..
"cleaning in progress, please.."

im hating the fact that cleaning here is so hard,
the first day i try to clean everything..
wipe out the dust..
do some floor sweeping..
and the next day, its all there again..

the fact that i got my hair cut kind of helping though..
no more hairs in the floor..
well i can not afford to have any more hair loss with this short hair, cant i?
but the dust.. omg....

anyway, i prepared a lil note in my mind already..
the to do list while parents are here (read:Melbourne)
plus where to eat list..
and where to shop..
what to buy..
*excited excited*

randomly, i remember this song..
my sister sang this song on her 17th bday as well..

PS. Yes, i will put my pic with short hair soon..


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