Friday, July 23, 2010

blogging for the sake of blogging?

Look at me,
when was the last time i actually have a life?
So that i get the time to blog..
and to enjoy some movies..
or nice dinner?
Am i exaggerating? Hell, NO!

But, it was over..
Now, i got my life back,
i finally *drums rolling* submitted my thesis,
ofcourse with a lot lot and lot of caffeine assumption,
4 in a row sleepless nights,
2 showers *oops*,
and in total 4 proper meal only
- losing some weight? somehow i actually gained 1kg, darn! -

Anyway, now that i got to blog again
i can say that im officially into blogging..
because i miss blogging,
i realised that i am not blogging for the sake of blogging only..
i enjoy blogging
im loving it, actually..

so, quick updates:
**CAUTION: its going to be a long list of quick updateSSS**
1. Thesis submitted
2. I become a tutor in Monash
3. Apartment - done!
4. Furnishing - halfway to go
5. I managed to have a break in between while a friend of mine come to visit me from Sydney
6. I got another job interview and am still waiting for the good news (finger crossed)
7. Erick managed to get a job where he can learn a lot of new skills (by skills, i mean both work and life related skills - he got a great working environment)
8. I try my best to keep my new room as comfy as possible (yea, like I know anything about interior design or sumthin)
9. I am loving my life

one last thing,
I will get this world cup theme away ASAP
its so not happening anymore, isnt it? =)

PS: In the last two weeks, i was asked about how to apply for Australian Driver License from three different persons already. Is that suppose to mean anything to me?
oh well, happy bloggin everyone~


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