Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Semarang - Pray for Indonesia

Well, its kind of a coincidence or something..
but just after my last post yesterday, a friend of mine from my hometown told me that our beloved city, Semarang, just got a severe flood..
And am kind of surprised.. How come??
Are not we suppose to worry about the hot ash from the volcano coming soon instead?

First version:
Turns out one of the dam from the "Tanah Mas" area has been broken..
and the water just blowing out to the city..
causing more than 40cm height of flood..
The housing population in the surrounding areas has caused heavy traffic

Second version:
The Beringin River in Semarang has spill due to the heavy rain that afternoon (9/11/10)..
There are 3 victims caused by this flood including 2 toddler and 1 adult..
Heavy traffic has forced many busses and trucks to get stuck due to the mud coming along with the flow of the flood..

Pray for Indonesia..
Pray for Semarang..
Pray for US..
Indonesian version of the news can be read here and here


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