Monday, November 22, 2010

Life Update

Life lately?
Busy hanging around with friends.. sounds like too many fun, less work, but i figure summer is coming.. meaning many of my friends will be away going back to Indo for holiday or even forgood, while the others busy planning a trip to Sydney GoldCoast or Tazzie.. i kind of feel sad that people change, moved on, and say good bye.. but i guess the same goes to me.. so just seat tight in the roller coaster of the lifeshow and see where lifes bring me to..

Couple of updates:
Erick's bday was on last Friday, and he got hell a lot of good things going on in his life lately.. His boss has kind of give him a promotion so that now he got a more steady income and definitely a lot higher.. He got his bday surprise with friends and he got me who love him much.. =)

I've got the job that I went for interview in Boxhill, and am gratefull for it, but Im still waiting for the decision from the other company in MoonePonds.. I really want to be an analyst.. (*See how i put this update on the second one? Because I am still not sure about where life will bring me in terms of my career)

I bought another two pairs of jeans in Betina Liano sale last Sunday with my housmate and my luvly sister.. PS. I love how me and my sis can share our wardrobes.. Means more shopping less expenses.. haha..

Summer is coming soon, I can feel the heat, I can feel the sun..
Lets not get too excited? Lets get over excited, baby..

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