Saturday, March 27, 2010


its a hectic week,
i feel like i am an old lady already,
i dont feel like sleeping too late,
i dont feel like hanging out when night come,
i feel like cooking at home most of the time,
i feel like watching TV at night is fun,
GEEZ what am I?

Recap of this week activities:
Monday: Movies and Bowling (I cancelled Bowling though)
Tuesday: Friends Housewarming - BBQ
Wednesday: GAGA monster Ball
Thursday: IT Reunion Dinner @ City
Friday: Old Friends Chadstone Day
Saturday:Badminton in Sport Centre
Sunday: F1 @ Albert Park, Melbourne

Isnt that tiring? Or am I really turning in to an old lady already, haishhh~

PS: Its been a good week for my bf, Erick. He got a very super fun cruise board, and a new mobile phone for free at the same day (BB Onyx yay!! Finally he's on BB world now)


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