Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The French Brasserie - Fine Dining

A friend of mine who apparently got addicted to "high-end life style" a lil bit too much (*I said this knowing none of us are working atm), have succesfully persuaded me and my friends to go and have again, an apparently what so called "fine"-dining at The French Brasserie.

Not that this is the first time he asked us to go to this kind of restaurants, but the way he invited us all always trigger something inside me. So I google it and try to find reviews of the restaurant.
So, this is what I got..

The French Brasserie
* 2 Malthouse La
* Melbourne 3000 VIC
* Phone: (03) 9662 1632

The French Brasserie has taken over the lease of the place where The Italian left off to move to a larger location. There is no doubt of the authenticity of the restaurant, where Hadj Sadki a French-born restaurateur teamed up with Frederic Naud, a French chef.

Based on the reviews, French Brasserie offers a relaxing sanctuary at the top-end of town. Soaring ceilings and vast glass expanses achieve a chic contemporary atmosphere. Internationally renowned chief, Frederic Naud previously of Le Cirque New York creates everything in house, producing innovative, modern French cuisine (*

An interesting fact:
There is a scene from Wall Street, where Michael Douglas is sitting at a famous restaurant near his office block.
Yes yes, the restaurant's chef on that scene is the very same that works here at the French Brasserie. His motto is simple: good food and good service at an affordable price and the venue delivers on all accounts.

haha i wont ruin the fun for tomorrow night, so I decided not to go through their menu (*even though it is available from their website) until tomorrow..
So, will update again later~ ciao


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