Friday, March 5, 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Happy 19months

Who does not know the TV series Friends?
It is totally awesome and I am currently addicted to it.
AND even though I know that I should not do so, I realize that I am losing those energy to get outside the house again and just keep watching.
*taken from:
Currently I'm on the 8th season already and this is where Monica and Chandler are busy with their wedding plans and stuff.
I should admit that I love them so much and kind of comparing them to my own relationship. It might sounds silly and yet too confident, but who cares, I am writing what I want to write here, rite? (*this is why i love blogs)

OK, so here's the list of the top5 similarities I comes up with, as me(Monica) and Erick (Chandler):
1. Monica and Chandler used to be just good friends before
2. Monica and Chandler got to keep their relationship in a secret a first
3. Chandler is such a funny guy while Monica is really perfectionist
4. Chandler is careless, and Monica is so organized
5. Monica loves fairy tales, while Chandler seems supportive enough about it (which not so many guys can do)
6. and they love each other so much

Haha, enough about the silly comparisons,
now that I am finishing this post at 8th of March 2010 which exactly 18months for me and my bf to be in a relationship, i wanted to say,
i luv my bf,
i luv the kind of relationship im in with him,
i luv the way things work between us,
and happy 19months huni..


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