Monday, December 12, 2011

Introducing the new look of my cambridge satchel, embossed!

Yes yes yes yes! I had it done, embossed, in gold, M.A.R.
and i am supa dupa Happy about it..

So here it is, a pic of my sexy cambridge satchel bag with its MAR embossing.
I got my bag from the Cottage Industry, the only supplier for Cambridge Satchel in Melbourne, and as im sure everyone knows, they dont do embossing..
i dont know why arent they interested in providing this service, knowing that a lot of their customer will happily pay big bucks to get it done there..
well, i guess it might not be worthed to buy the equipment, or they just dont want to get too caught up with its fanatic fans.. you know how some fans can be difficult to please?!

So, the lovely lady in the shop always answer everyone who asked about embossing with the same answer..
"you can bring it to some book maker to get it embossed"
well, having english as my 2nd language, who knows that book maker can have a different meaning..
no wonder its really hard for me to google up some book maker here in Melbourne..
in case anyone interested, here's a link from for bookmaker definition..

/ˈbʊkˌmeɪkər/ Show Spelled[book-mey-ker] Show IPA

1. a person who makes a business of accepting the bets of others on the outcome of sports contests, especially of horse races.
2. a person who makes books.

it tooks me a while, until i realise that i might need to search with a different term..
tell me about it! but seems like no one has ever figure it out either..
anyway, i googled up "book binder" instead of "book maker" and *whoala....*

out of all results, i chose this one, since its quite close to where i live,
and the guy replied my email rite away,
and he charged me for $35 (acceptable i guess),
and he's Russian..
.. ok am kidding, i dont even know how he looks until i went there..

so moral of the story:
"think out of the box" and "get your satchel embossed, since it looks sexy!"

till next time!


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