Monday, December 12, 2011

Coburg trash and treasure market

I scored big time at my last visit to Coburg trash and treasure market!
or at least, i think i did ;)
I did not plan to buy anything, besides food market that turns out to be none there, unlike the other flea market that i went (cant remember the name, blame this stupid memory).. but who knows what to expect in a flea market, rite?

so, come and see what i scored last time
the whole set of world encyclopedia for $30..
it is old (1979's), but it is in a very good condition, and it will add up nicely in my bookshelf later on..
there are 30books in total..
a lil bit dusty, and yes it gave me that smell of old books which i love!

and i think it would be interesting to see what i could have known since 1979 (not that i was born just yet that year), that i havent known till now still.. :)


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