Saturday, March 26, 2011

iPad 2 is here

i just dont understand how people care so much about having it from the very first day of its release..
cant they wait for 1 or 2 weeks so that they dont have to queue like this..
they were the queue in front of Apple Store in Sydney.. i got the pics from here

or like this..
the line in Chadstone infront of Apple Store..
the iPad is only ready for sale at 5pm, but people starts lining up from 6am infront of the entrance.. geezzzz...
btw, i got this pic from my friend's FB Ruku

oh btw, i think my left eyelid is swollen, and it becomes red as well..
not on the eye, but on the lid..
i might need more time to sleep then ever..

owh when will this whole business stop?
i want to sleepppppppp...
..till i blog again


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