Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am officialy is one of the Victim of Marketing Campaign

ah.. ya, the story about victim of marketing campaign..
will write it more later,
when i got the time? the courage? the willingness?

..continued on Saturday, 26 March, 12.34AM

I am so not proud of myself for this..
how come i become victim of Marketing Campaign, again and again..

Couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that Hoyts and Village had this special deals to buy online movie ticket for only $7 (normally its around $11, or even $15 on weekend). So i was so excited, and dont even bother to think much, and decided to buy 6 of those. See here, my only consideration was: i wont watch movie by myself, so at least Erick will go with me, which means 2 tickets at a time, and i consider 3 movies are not so much. and then what happen?
The ticket will expire on the first week of April. This means i only got around 3-4weeks left, and this 3-4 weeks have been really busy for both of us.. i ends up forcing him to watch movie with me eventhough the time was not too convenient for both of us..
i know, i am acting silly

So that was one, then what else?
Another good friend of mine once told me a website thats having a one day sale of many the good sport shoes brand. I realized it includes Converse and Havaianas. I quickly told Erick, as he's been talking a lot about buying new shoes (and it has to be Converse) and Holly, as I know she's been looking for good price in Converse as well. Then what happen with me? The website mention something about combine delivery. So i figure, i have to buy something for myself as well, so that I wont miss this big chance. This will make everyone happy too, cause it means less delivery cost for them as well, rite?
Turns out, again, the delivery cost was increased when there were more items added. Again, i have already decided to buy that I dont feel like cancelling it.
I am a very easy customer to target, am i not? zzzzz....

and there were more and more stories, but i guess enough about me being a victim of marketing here..
i promised myself not to fall into those ads easily anymore.. least am tryin not to,..

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