Saturday, February 5, 2011

Early February Update

and happy Chinese New Year.
I know its a little too late but as the old man says, "better late than never", rite?

So, this has been 1 week from when my BF fly back to Indo. It feels really weird at first. Things look different without him being around. I guess I spent just a lil too much time with him already, that i feel really left out alone. Anyway, 2 more weeks to go, and then we're gonna be back together with more fun. Ciayo me..

It is good, getting better, getting busier, hopefully getting more fun as well.
and btw, i already got my new keyboard and laser mouse from my manager, and am loving it.

Anyway, i got my own private precious time this weekend, and am kind of proud of myself. Im doing a lot of things in just one day. Or should i say one evening. And yes, it does includes some cooking and hell lot of exercise. (in case my BF reading this post, he'll be smiling real wide) I let myself wake really late this afternoon, and quickly have some brunch, and... chop chop.. start doing all of those stack of work i've been putting away.

It teach me one important lesson, i guess.
It doesn't matter how much work you have, you will always have enough time.
You just need to have the willingness to do it.
I wish i can keep this one in mind, so i can start getting everything in place on time.

Anyway, i even got some extra time for myself and i accidently looking at these tutorial videos from Youtube. I learn a lot of things from it. And learning always is good, isnt it? Except, that now, I feel like shopping shopping and shopping for more.. (ha..!) I amazed of how good those youtube gurus (is this even the right term they're using?) can be. They has the knowledge, they has the willingness to share it, and even dedicate some time to actually put it all in one nice video. I wish I can be one of them later on (or not?). But for now, I'll just be the audience. A good one though, the one who's going to actually implement the knowledge. And not just watch and leave it somewhere. Haha...

This one is one of the good tutorial that I think is practical and usefull.
I'll probably check for some more videos later on too.


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