Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sorry if you think this video is superb.. but i dont think so..

You seriously need to click on this link to understand.. This video was made with the hope for Australia to boost its chance to win the bid for 2022 World Cup..

My comment..?
What the heck? Whats wrong with giving an image that stealing the cup and run it all across Australia is allright? I understand that the goal of the video is to show how passionate Australia to win this bid and how wonderful it will be. But, making Australian dream comes true by stealing it at the first place? I dont think so.

I did the poll on The Age from the related article that says "Will the surfing kangaroo video boost our chances of winning the role of 2022 World Cup host country?"
Yes (33%)
No (67%)

There you go Gillard, how could you even involve in the video itself here..
I just dont understand..


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